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My friend and I are pitching in for a week

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PartyWithKam, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. #1 PartyWithKam, Sep 27, 2009
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    there's a week break coming up for school, and my friend and I are both willing to throw in about $50-$60 for weed, because we want to get really high during break. we may or may not have some girls pitching in, but can't tell yet.
    anywho. say we have just that. about $120.
    How long SHOULD that last us, and what exactly should we do with it? I can't think straight right now. so here's the pricing for my area.
    Middies --- $35 for an 8th, $60 quad
    High-mids --- $50 + for an 8th, $100 -110 quad, $ 340 - 360 oz.
    Chronic --- $65 + for an 8th, $110-120 + quad, $350
    - 400 oz.
    so what's the smartest thing to do with that?

    edit: yah, I copied and pasted these prices from they looked decent enough, but dank is way off. I don't even know the price of dank here; I've never sought out any. I literally can't think at all today to save my life. I don't remember what I've been paying. I usually just get an eigth of high mids for $60.
  2. christ, those prices are asinine. 120 gets you an ounce of some pretty decent shit in my area.

    id say get the most for your money, since you guys are going to be smoking all week. anything less then an ounce and you likely to run out before the end of the week
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    $60 for an 1/8th of DANK DANK seems reasonable and how long it last, well me and my buddy would probably smoke it in a day, two days if we were being conservative and picked up at night and smoked a bit and smoke more the next day, lol. I know, prices are insane. But if you are paying over $60 an 1/8th it better weight to exactly 3.5 or more and better be some damn good shit IMO.

    Personally Id hate to pay over $60 an 1/8th for even the dankest.. thats just ridiculous :(
  4. if you're paying $110 for a quad of high mids, why not just get the quad of chronic (dank, i assume) instead?
  5. yahh, prices suck balls. I live near Purdue University and everyone here are conservatives x a billion. and most people are scared to sell.
    I'm really trying to think. I have connections with some really good stuff. not dank, but still wicked.
    so how much would a quad of high-mids last for a week? if we're not trying to get ripped, just get high for the evening-night.
    I think I'm just gonna get either a quad or a half an O. and just get the best price I can.

    I'm really antsy to make some cannabutter and make good shit with it :)
  6. 60 for an 1/8 is the price for some DANK over here,
    My friend has his card so we get Dank ass 1/8's for about 40/45,

  7. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: Wow man that's probably the worst price I've ever seen on here. Try asking around I'm sure not everyone is down for 60 an eighth of mids.
  8. depends how much you get. just see how much you can get and worry about how to spend it later. but if it were me, it comes down to better quality (which means you have to conserve) or quantity. if you can make dank last you all that week then DO EET
  9. hahaha, wow, really?
    are the prices that bad?
    I know if I drove to Bloomington, IN, I could get dank for the same I get mids here. but I never have gas money to go to Bloomington.

  10. well a quarter is 7 grams, 7 days in a that would come out to a gram per day for you and your friend to split, not including anyone else who may blaze with you. So yeah id say go with the half ounce, cause i know for me personally, a gram a day just wouldnt cut it.

    Edit: Why not just come up with the extra 10 bucks to get the dank. It makes little sense that your dealer only has a 10 dollar price change from mids to dank.
  11. this is a good thinker here

    thank you!
  12. I say get a quad of some dank.
    Should last the entire week.
    And you will have one hell of a break. Trust me!
  13. You must be confused.
    Typical troll.
  14. always get the best quality possible!

  15. [​IMG]
    I think you lost these. I have them at my house call me at 1800GETAFUCKINGLIFE
  16. i would go for the quad of chronic
    because the other weed is shittier almost the same price

    if you want to save weed just smoke it in bowls or bongy:bongin:
  17. thats quite the buffet you got there. care to share? :D
  18. i say the same!:smoking:
  19. Fuck off and get yourself a goddamn life, troll.

  20. Thank you mr. president.

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