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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mortikai, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. So I get out of school at 2 with the intentions of going to my brother's to pick up a 1/4 of some nugget. I finally get over there around 3 and we just chill and smoke a bowl until his guy comes through and we can get the ganj.

    And I've been taking a short tolerance break ss I hadn't smoked since last Saturday and this was dank weed and I was just ripped. Well I finally got my 1/4 back home after another bowl and me and 2 friends immediately roll up a fatty blunt and just get ripped off that.

    Then we went to go get ping pong balls, came back and decided that it would be a good idea to take a blunt and wander the golf course out back...Barefoot. Awesome plan.

    So we're just wandering around the golf course about to spark this blunt and right above us we hear this really high pitched humm coming from the west, and we look up and sure enough we see 3 lights in a triandle, the point light being red, and the outline of some aircraft. We started freaking out cuz we just saw our first UFO, and when it finally got so small u couldn't see the outline, you could just see a light blinking ing one place not getting smaller for ahwile.

    We quickly walked in the opposite direction and chiefed out on this blunt and then just laid in the grass and smoked a cig looking up at the stars. All and all a terrific night I say
  2. sweet dude, aliens are kick ass. i know theres some out there, somewhere.
  3. maby somewere as a doglike thing but as a life form that could build a space ship..... get real.:smoking:
  4. dude i ll be real with you the universe is so big that we cant be the only "intelligent life" out their. you get real .seriouslly think for a moment that you cant possiblly say we are the only race alive that can build space fliers...

    and btw i dont believe all that roswell crap. but i do know that we cant be alone...

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