My Friday the 13th SUCKED!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Collie Man 11, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Hey Blades, the old Collieman11 in this bizotch. let me vent to the only people who seem to understand. well today began with a 9:40 am economics exam which I am confident in FAILURE, only because I went one of Tampa's "best" strip clubs, Odyssey 2001 and didnt get home till 3:30. Fuck it. Go to class, fail the exam, then I have an employee meeting at 11am, get ragged and nagged. 11:50 runs around and I gotta hit up my math class. Ran over the in class assignment and catch some z's. Me and my girl had been quite rocky the last month or so and she finally manned the Fuck up and broke it off. Friday the 13th, day before valentines day, my lady of over a year does it. BLOWS. LUCKY ME, gotta go to work an hour after that. blew whale meat. i went to my fraternity social that night, and the shit was whack. not feeling it, couldnt drink. pick up and E, and im ripping my bong, with paranoia kicking in telling me this shit is laced because I cannot for the sake of my life, pick up this bong again to R I P it. I am going into the afterlife.
  2. i think we have a winner folks
  3. I had no idea it was 'friday the 13th'.

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