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  1. I get off work at 5 and I have 35 bucks for some shrooms I wanted to do with some friends tonight. I pick up 3 of my friends and we go to our dealers house and pick up 3 8ths of some very VERY potent shrooms. To prepare for the night I havn't eaten for about a day and a half. I want to have a good trip. We eat our shrooms around 6 o'clock I think(can't remember exactly). The trip comes on smooth around 7 I can really start to feel it. Me and my friends drive to where one of there Dads is and pick up 25 dollars for some weed later on. First of all I didn't take in consideration that I had other things going on in the night which I really should have taken care of so I don't freak out and worry about things. Me, Sean, and Ronald are the ones that took an 8th of mushrooms and Zach didn't take any(he is crazy and stupid enough without drugs) and I feel safe because he isn't taking anything. As I sit on the couch watching t.v. my trip is very nice at this point, patterns on the floor melting into my feet, the walls getting bigger and smaller, seeing things that arn't there. I look at the corner of the wall for what seems like 2 hours but I glance back at the glock and 2 minutes passed by. We have some nine inch nails on and my friend Sean was sitting on the floor now and that was freaking me out because he started putting his head in his subwoofer and he jumps back and hits the wall and it makes a very loud thump! WHAM! At this point I start to analyze everything around me and this is when my trip turns bad. I barely talk for the rest of the night after he did that, I just looked at the walls and clothes and blankets and patterns without talking. I think to myself what day is it? Am I supposed to be home now? Who am I? Am I in trouble? Where am I supposed to be? The confusion is overwhelming I don't know how to be me I don't know what to do except sit and do nothing I have a sense of I'm not real and my life is in the hands of my friends and they choose my fate. Then it gets worse. Three more people that I know come over that have been driving around drunk with 2 people in the back of his truck. They talk to me and talk to me and everyone else is talking, but I am just sitting there not knowing how to be human or what to do. I glance at my friend Collin and he is drunk and starts laughing uncontrollably then smiles at me... I see his wrinkles turn into scars indented in his face. I yell and freak out but then I realize I am still sitting there yet no one has said anything about me screaming so it must be in my mind I think. After about 15 minutes they were there they leave when one of there mom's calls them. I then tell Sean to TELL me where to go and what to do because I can't think for myself. He has taken an 8th of mushrooms also but as I can see is having a pleasant trip because he has nothing to worry about. He tells me to go home and sleep so I say ok and I drive a few blocks to my house and I am still frying my ass off. I walk into my house and say "Hi mom I'm home the movie was... FAKE!" What I am thinking? How did I get there? I go to my room(without looking directly at my mom) and turn on my computer. I couldn't see the mouse and my background was making me paranoid so quickly I shut off power to my computer. I lie down in my bed untill 12 o'clock just looking at my ceiling and my fan and I think. Thinking is what made the night crazy in the first place so I try not to think, but I analyze everything still. I get up and go take a piss(around 11) and my piss has a curve to it and the sound from the piss hitting the water is entrancing so I stare at the water for ahile and the night light in there is calm and nice. I am finnaly calm. I know I couldn't explain what it was like exactly there were too many things going on and I can't remember every detail, but I learned my lesson. I wont shroom for a long while but at least I have the experience under my belt.
  2. was this your first time? sounds like you were just worried about having a bad trip too much, instead of focusing on happy thoughts and being comfortable.... Next time try to listen to classical music instead of rock, i find this easier to calm down to and i usually have a more "Zen" trip (things have meaning and are not questioned). Before the trip starts I sit on my couch with my wife and get all snuggly with her, as soon as my trip starts than every thing is fine! I wouldn't put off taking shrooms from just 1 "not-so-good" trip, experiment with environments and conditions (eating, smells, feelings...).

    Well, that's all my advice to you, just take care and don't watch Steven King's "IT", or any of the "Child's Play" series while shrooming.... BAD BAD BAD IDEA!!!!!!! Instead, grab "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory", or "The Wizard of OZ".
  3. this was my 3rd time on mushrooms and i WAS trying to focus on happy things but i guess the enviroment was to chaotic, yea i wont NEVER do them again ill just wait a month or so
  4. Some shrooms have finally come around here. I think I might get a quarter this weekend for $70. A little steep, but nobody else has any. I want to try a whole quarter at once, then smoke a lot of pot :)
  5. shrooms are the best. rock on with the eating a quarter and smokin lots of pot, enjoy your trip and dont wander to far from your house. lol
  6. DXM and Salvia previously, I won't touch impure dxm again, or salvia for that matter, no shroom experience here, but for 6 years I've been studying every entheogenic plant I can find... Doesn't seem to be a good smoke around when you got no bud.
  7. man ive been trying to get some shrooms for like 6 months now. but everytime i get close some shit comes up and it doesn't pan out, but I LOVE WEED!!
  8. hella people have shrooms here, my neighbor always has them, and like 10 of my friends each have a different person they get them from, but i havnt done shrooms in like 2 weeks
  9. heh, i smoked shrooms once in my friends truck, and it smelled like cow shit for two weeks afterwards... tasted like cow shit in my mouth for two weeks also...

  10. Smoking shrooms is a waste of shrooms.

  11. how can shrooms be the best when weed is around?!

  12. Because for some weed is always around and mushrooms only come around once in a while so it's a different thing taking the shrooms, have you ever taken shrooms? I take it you haven't.

    Luckily for me, i can get mushrooms anytime I want (legally). And weed too of course anytime I want, well hash.
  13. I looooooove mushshrooms. I could go for some this weekend. :D
  14. damn i want some shrooms so badly. there so hard to get here though
  15. i'm definitely gonna read that first post one of these days..too long
  16. 1) Do NOT smoke shrooms. What are you stoned or stupid? it puts HOLES IN YOUR LUNGS. LITERALLY.

    2) Do not eat a quarter of shrooms unless your an experienced tripper or you like the shiny lights of the hospital and the fun of a stomach pump.

    3)Do not eat too many shrooms in one day. Theres a certain acid in them that eats at your stomach and can fuck you up your stomach for the rest of your life.

    4) YUM! Have fun

    You can jus call me "dad" :D

  17. Ummm, wheres this guy gettin his information from?

    I tried smoking shrooms once, my buddy had a gram left over and most of it was shake so we smoked it with some weed in the pipe. I just got a normal weed high, shrooms didnt do anything. I wasnt expecting it to do anything but you know how theres people that say theyve gotten high from smoking shrooms so I wanted to see for myself.

    Ive eaten a quarter of shrooms before. I was fucked up but I still enjoyed every minute of it. It was on last Halloween, I was tripping out like crazy. Ive never had a bad trip tho and I've done shrooms like a dozen times. Just dont be stupid wth them, plan a day around you eating the mushrooms and eat them with good friends.

    Acid in the shrooms eats your stomach? Hmmm, thats strange because your own stomach acid is HCL and thats a pretty strong acid I dont see it doesnt eating your stomach.

    I can just call u "idiot". haha
  18. ^^^ May hint at why he was eventually banned. Hehehe.

  19. i like 4 gram trips

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