My friday night is screwed....but at least i can hang out with you potheads

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. my motorcycle wont crank,,,,,so my ass is grounded tonight,,,,im out of beer,,,,and the weed i got is weak,,,,,

    i need to get a starter for the bike,, i got a new battery,,,,got a new selonoid ,,,,and the problem is the starter,,,,,DAMN,

    i pushed it off,, earlier and went for a ride,,,,,but i cant leave the bar,,,,and have to push my bike to get it going,,,,,,'' THAT WOULD BE PATHETIC''...

    so im stuck at the house,,,,im gonna roll me a fat joint,,,,,and try to get high off this dirt-weed,,,

    my ladyfriend has some rum in the freezer,,,,it's vanilla flavoured,,,,,i dont drink licquor,,,,,

    but i may take some shot's........... i gotta get the buzz going...:cool:
  2. damn dude.. GL getting the bike fixed up.

    I kinda fucked up by moving my TV to the new house a day early.. but i still have the laptop and some dank to smoke while spamming GC :)

    bummer about the dirt weed man.. just keep smoking on it and you'l get high.
  3. We seem to have similar problems....

    Except.. I don't own a bike,,, not even a vehicle for that matter..

    BUT OTHER THAN THAT haha.. I couldn't go out to the bars cuz I'm flat broke and have to get a damn job... Landed a small job but not enough mula to keep me goin... Fack,,, Can't go out and spend money so I'm stuck here chillin everyone is out at the bars tonight...

    At least I got enough shit to make white russians and plenty of beer.... and weed :cool:

    Go choke the chicken - chicken. :smoke:
  4. yeah my friend blew me off so i'm spending the night on here too. hopefully tomorrow night will be better, but this is alright for now.

  5. i had to think ? moved the t.v. to the new house?

    then i laughed,,,,sorry

    yeah my friends tell me the weed gets them high,,,i got

    but my tolerance is too high for this mexican rag weed,
  6. LOL i had the cable dude hooking up TV at the other place, so i needed to bring the TV there.. then i was way too lazy to bring it home just for one night.

    man i hear you on the tolerance thing.. a dude at work smoked some shitty weed with me and everyone was sooo fucking high except me. Then i broke out the diesel and it was all over.
  7. Damn dude.

    Sorry to hear your night was bad too, I've been fuckin' moody all day.

    If you were close by I'd pass the bong your way.

    But alas, they haven't built a monitor to pass objects through :mad:
  8. Tell me about it.

    Ya know, I got fam outside of my close fam, But ive distanced myself from them. FUck the drama, Fuck the crack cocaine.

    But i got my bro, My ma and my pops who im supposed to be able to relly on any fuckin time right?

    I ask my pops a simple fuckin question bout my whip cuz it was actin funny today and hes jus super attitude over nuttin, And slams the door out at 1 in the mornin.

    I see my folks maybe 1-2 times a week and everytime it seems to end up with them bein pissed and me jus me bein pissed at them cuz they pissed over dumbshit or me upset.

    Fucked up.

    'I aient like shit dont phase me, Inside it drives me crazy, My insecuriites could eat me alive.'

    Should i live up to these expecations, Or jus give up?
  9. You don't drink liquor?
    Why not much better then beer in my opinion.

    Sucks about your dirt weed prob..get it mad cheap?

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