my free EP (drum and bass/progressive house/ambient)

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    hey, blades. this is my first EP: Eternity Split. mostly drum and bass with some progressive house and ambiance. you can download it for free or listen to it as a set in the soundcloud player below



    read about it here: Foto's van Flared | Facebook

    "After long, hard months of nonstop production, Eternity Split EP is finally finished. It is about 25 minutes in length, mostly consisting of progressive house and neurofunk, and it is absolutely free! Download it here:"

    Eternity Split

  2. im followin you on soundcloud now

    that shit is pretty good man!!
  3. Thanks mane I appreciate it
  4. also, i'm currently working on a new LP called Regeneration, it'll be out in a couple months or so depending on next semester/work. it's mostly drum and bass with some experimentalism


    read about it:

    "Regeneration follows division. Regeneration LP picks up the pieces of the puzzle and puts them back together for one colossal, unique project. It is currently a large work in progress."

    you can check out some already released LP tracks at my soundcloud, youtube, or myspace. no downloads currently, but i will release the LP in a package like Eternity Split so you can download them all at once

    Facebook page:
    Myspace: Flared | Gratis muziek, tourneedata, foto's, video's
    Soundcloud: Flared's sounds on SoundCloud - Hear the world
    Youtube channel: Flared - YouTube
  5. currently working on three new neurofunk/drum and bass projects, should be out within the next two months
  6. hell yea man, keep writing/recording
  7. LP is almost done! expect a release this summer
  8. Ill be expecting it
  9. New track out for my LP

  10. great work holmes thanks for the free tunes gonna give it a listen tonight

    good man
  11. But cane yer make dat shine wid it? Out feck et
  12. look out for that Flared and Darkened Pines compilation hahahaha

    one day man, one day.
    i enjoy what youve been doing
  13. one day... one day
  14. I have listened to a few of the tracks on "Eternity Split" and I am diggin'! I am interested in music too. I hope one day I'll be able to produce some ish.
  15. ive been doing it for about six years before i started making discography, it takes a lot of practice. but once you learn it it's a lot of fun to synthesize and manipulate sounds

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