My former high schools homecoming

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  1. Wow. My former high school that I graduated from had it's homecoming a few weeks ago, and it was in the paper. The homecoming king and queen are usually the most popular and beautiful right?

    This year the homecoming king and queen were both special needs kids, and I think it was amazing how the whole school including all the kids were so supportive of them. It was really touching because in the paper it said that they were so happy, and the king went around telling people that he was the king and was happy. They also showed a picture of the king's dad and he was literally in tears at the assembly.

    Just a little story to share, it's really encouraging to know that with everything bad that you hear about, people still have hearts. :love:
  2. what a crock of shit. ill never go back to that hellhole

    edit: lol i didnt read it, and felt like a dick after. i only read "king and queen are supposed to be most beautiful and popular"
  3. I like it, but I also feel kinda bad cuz were tricking some special needs kids. Then im like eh whatever they probably have no idea whats goin on. :)
  4. :hello:
  5. I don't want to go back to high school reunions or homecoming or any of that shit. My school wasn't that bad, but the people were way full of themselves. Now it's funny seeing kids my age around town who were dicks, working meaningless jobs trying to hit me up for bud...ya right, :rolleyes:.
  6. dude your always such a dick right off the back lol.

    OP - thats pretty awesome man i wish i went to high school with people like that. that probably changed their life for ever man
  7. That's disgusting and a lie. Pathetic and demeaning. Sorry, having a genetic deformity doesn't make you great.
  8. lmfao + rep

  9. the expression is "right off the BAT"

    think baseball ;)
  10. It's kinda lame if they won just because they were mentally handicapped. If they were like-able people and charismatic, then I could see why they would have a shot to win, but to just vote them in for their disability is just plain retarded (no pun intended).

  11. lmao +rep!!
  12. I love these stories, I'm a large supporter of the Special Olympics and it really is great knowing people still have hearts.

    +rep for sharing

  13. you make some big donations or what?

  14. thats okay i dont see how either makes sense at all lol
  15. Imagine if you were on defense, and you move immediately after the bat hits the ball. That's Right off the bat.
  16. I dont even know if this is so wrong or so right..

    I guess if the kids were happy, then that's good.
  17. Speaking of the Special Olympics, those motherfucks call me EVERYDAY to do Community Motherfucking Service, i've done enough in my fucking life i don't ned them waking me upe veryday in the early early morning for shit i dont need to do.
  18. I hate socializing with them because itmakes me feel awkward since I don't really know what to say, but it's great that people support them
  19. wtf ? really? thats stupid imo
  20. To everyone saying giving it to them was dumb, and such,

    From people who go to the school I was told that they didn't get it just because of their condition. Their genuinely good people and are always happy and kind to everybody. I remember, the guy was always one grade below me, he high fived me sometimes when I would come into school in the morning.

    Plus, I think it meant alot to them, more than it would to some douchey self absorbed guy whose ego is larger than kanye's.

    just my thoughts, everyone is entitled to their opinions on this subject i guess.

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