my footy team lost too

Discussion in 'General' started by aeroblurg, Oct 29, 2001.

  1. the rams lost!!! now there 6 and 1. damn saints. VENGENCE WILL BE TAKEN! fucking 7 turnovers :(
  2. Lost to friggin Nebraska! The only thing worse would have been losing to Texas. As for pro ball, my Chiefs SUCK! So I aquire some Rams for my fantasy team and they fall on their ass! The Cardinals(baseball) have ripped my heart out again!
    I think I'll take up knitting.
  3. Well my team won. I live here in NO area. Go Aints! Opps! I mean Saints. However, I didn't think we would win. In fact I was pretty sure you guys would cream us, until the 3rd quarter. Man you gotta love it. Don't sweat it guys are 6-1 and in 1st place. Since were in the same division, we should meet up here and heckle each other after the games. How bout it?
  4. Aero, please don't deny us Saints fans a chance to enjoy a victory. We have had so few of them through the years.

    But, Go Saints, beat the shit out of the 'Niners next.
  5. i knew we would loose to the saints anyway. we lost both games we played last year against ya.
    smokinokie: ill bring the yarn.
  6. Hey, I spent both of those games praying, on one foot, with both my fingers and my toes crossed! And if you think thats should try it driving across town to my friends house. I put the game on AM....I look like I got Tourette's to anyone who doesnt realize I'm listening to the game. I love it! How about those Vikings? MAN, who thought they suck like all day candy this year?

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