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  1. Ok. let me tell you a story here. There's this girl, she's been in love with this guy since they were juniors in school together (now both are 22). They were engaged and things were looking awesome. Then some issues happened on both sides and they ended up breaking up for a period of a year and a half. During which time, he's dated others and so hasn't she but they still talked everyday, sent XXX pics, said I love you, they were still so into each other. While this was going on, he managed to get 2 women pregnant. This is a wreck for the ex because they'd try to work things out with each other and then he'd cheat and things would be put on hold, but she was so completely crazy for him that she'd put herself though that hell just to be with him.

    So after some time, they talk about getting back together again, but are reluctant because he's already made a commitment to move to Tulsa (they live in Ohio) at the end of the month, and she most likely couldn't have went with him. So they spend a weekend together to see if they still want to work things out together or just let it be. The weekend is awesome, the best sex they've had in their lives, so much passion and energy and love,... god it was just like the old times when they were young and new to each other. Now they knew every little thing about each other and it was like a second chance to make things right. She wanted to be there for him even though he had 2 other kids in the world and even though he's done a lot to screw up in his life; she wanted to be there to help him though everything and to be his support.

    During the weekend, its agreed that they're dating again and they celebrate by taking those cute picts that people do together, post them on myspace and facebook, and tell the world about our reunion! Its such an exciting time! And whats even better, she finds out she may be in a family way and that's the most exciting news she's ever had! She's been wanting a child of her own, specially fathered by him, for the past 4 years, and to have conceived on her birthday would be the best present anyone could get! So she tries to call him to tell him the news, for he seemed excited over it upon consummation. She tries calling,... nothing. After a few hours he says he's driving and is lost and can't answer the phone. I gave him an hour and a half and tried calling again and his phone was off.

    Its like he fell off the face of the earth! He was having mental anguish over how to deal with 2 kids, 2 baby's moms, his work, how I would fit in with all of it, so she figured maybe he just needed some time to think things over, to shut the world off while he has his days off work. Several days pass.

    After the 4th day of his phone being off, his baby's mom messages her on myspace saying that he's been lying to her and she needs to give her a call. So she calls this women, and basically finds out that the love of her life just moved to Tulsa to join a polygamist family that he's met online. Didn't tell anyone, just left. Left his possibly 3 children, left his job, his family,... didn't say a word to anyone at all about it, just left and hasn't been online since, and has supposedly broken his phone.

    I really wish I was lying about this,... but I was just on the phone with my ex fiance's first baby's mom and she told me all this and how he was leading me and her on and was sleeping with both of us and was only down here for a "one last time" sort of thing. I am sooooooo fucking glad I was high as fuck when I made this phone call, cuz I seriously can't stop laughing about this shit!!! I mean, this is some Maury shit and I really wish this was something I made up but this seriously happened. My ex fiance just moved 3 states away without telling anyone to join a polygamist family. I'm not quite sure how to present this to our potential child.

    Please, comments? Something? I'm honestly not quite sure how to feel about this,... anymore I'm just lawling cuz of how magnificent this is. How would you feel if this happened to you? What would you do? I'm quite confused here.
  2. Man... I'm lit as a feakin chimney and I feel sad and pissed the hell off. Sad b/c I can sympathize and mad because he just got off and left like that. Selfish of him. Good thing is, he's gone. This way he couldn't drag the lie he was living on especially when it's ties with family and people.
  3. I guess he's been lying to everyone about every single concept of his life. Even back when we were together and he cheated on me once, his baby's mom asked her about it and she denies it up and down,... he denies his second child saying she's just pinning it on him cuz he already has a kid. He's told me he wants nothing to do with his baby's mom and yet she told me they were banging on a weekly basis. He told her he was only talking to me still cuz we have cellphones together and if it weren't for that he would have been gone a long time ago,... idk what to believe. I don't know if I want to make myself believe that he really does care and that he's just afraid because of him still being fucked up from his childhood (his father tried to kill him and his brother) and that he's thinking of me right now. Or could it actually be that he doesn't care about me, cuz he told her he broke his phone and idk if it was accidental or a symbolistic thing,... and that he was just over at my place for 3 days a week before leaving just to have that "one last time" deal with me. I don't know if I'm forcing myself to see the good in the situation because that's my nature or is that really what happened? I sent him a few e-mails on myspace and just waiting for him to get online. I also contacted the person who is his "owner" in the group that I'm worried about him and I'm not mad (when I'm lit off my ass I'm seriously not) and that I'm just worried sick over his state of mind because when his baby's mom called him and he actually answered and was in tears saying he was breaking down and was having second thoughts about everything. He's not that strong of a person and he is probably FREAKING the hell out right now and he's around people he's only ever met once,.... not a good mix.
  4. Once you have to use this phrase to describe your relation to someone, you should RUN AWAY.
  5. What she said:cool:
  6. Wow, I really don't want to offend you, but your life sounds like you live in a white trash trailer home. You fucking love a man that's gottin' two women pregnant? Just do us a favor, and look at your situation from another persons point of view, it's fucked up. C'mon now.
  7. What a dick.

    If I were in your shoes I would probably get an abortion if it wasn't too late.

    But if you do keep the child, you should never talk to the guy again. Let him talk to your lawyer when you go after him for child support. If you try to handle things yourself you will get taken advantage of. This guy obviously knows exactly how to play you.
  8. Soooo.... Who is this story about ? Somebody you know ?
  9. Not to sound harsh, but if he didn't stick by the first two women he got pregnant what made make you think he'd stay with you? Not the smartest idea to get pregnant by a guy who has already gotten two other women pregnant and then walked away from them, but we all make mistakes. Sadly this mistake will be for the next 18 years of your life unless you get an abortion or give it up for adoption. Sorry this had to happen to you, men can be real dickheads.
  10. Well, the guy in the story is definitely a loser - yet he seems to be incredibly successful in getting women to fall for him.

  11. :laughing:
  12. I feel bad for you but you should have smelled trash for trash along time ago
  13. i hope you don't carry his kid :(
  14. ..........I think I'm an alien.

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