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  1. So I'm moving and flying I'm bringing my 100% unused vapor genie with me I'm putting it in my check, I wanta have 100% No problems because this is my first time flying alone. Would it be ok just to stash it in a shoe and put a sock infront of it? What would they do if they found it, I just say tobacco use? Would they go out of there way to test it and shit?
  2. Where to and from are you flying to? If it's unused, then as far as I know, it'll be fine (depending on your laws, though). If they're legal in the place you're flying to and from, then I don't see any problem, man. By putting it in your check, do ya mean your check in luggage? If so then yeah, I think it should be fine :)
  3. There gonna think its a bomb at security, they might make you demonstrate its use. If its unused. fuck em and bring it as carry on.

  4. I'm flying to grandcayman....the vap is metal I can't put it in my pocket
  5. Dont put it in your pocket... in your carry on bag. Carry it on like you were talking about. Its clean so dont worry about shit. Dont bring weed with you, its a good way to get sniffed by the dogs if your carrying smoking devices.
  6. Get a friend to mail it to you.

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