My flowering ladies :)

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  1. My girls are nearly all grown up *wipes tear from eye*

    These are my sour diesel autos. This is my first grow ever. I thought I would share the results so far because I'm pretty pumped!

    The SD are so damn resilient! I had them in hot soil to begin with and they just said 'whatever fuckhead' and just went nuts.

    They have survived my mistakes, and I have learned a lot from them :)

    They say these plants can be ready in 60 days from seed. These girls are sitting at day 55 from seed, and still have a bit to go. The longer stemmed one is further along than the smaller one. But the smaller one looks so chunky and tight...

    This is my furthest along SD. I topped her ages back and now the twin tops are around 5-6 inches long and still have a lot to fill in.. Any idea by the looks of her when she will be ready? I get my 60x microscope tomorrow..

    This is the short, stocky one. She hasn't even started to really turn many pistils brown yet.

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415111653.162067.jpg

    Will be planting them in bigger pots next time. These ones have limited the size a bit, but all a learning experience :)

    Advice and tips always welcome! :)

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  2. lookin good for first time don't wanna do anything to autos, no topping, trimming, ect. this automatically reduces potential yield.
    just let em finish up properly and should get some great smoke.
    keep hittin that first one with bloom nutes. i'd start flushing the other one and chop in 1-2 weeks
  3. Ok I shall forget topping next time. This was all an experiment for me. And one I have learned so much from! And I had been reading up on growing for months... So much you just need to work out on your own too.

    But I will be doing so much less next time haha. This has been a frantic grow and I've made mistakes, and don't things the hard way...

    But I'm happy with my girls so far. I shall begin flushing the lady from now on. Can't wait :)

    I have Lyme disease and a whole bunch of other stuff from a nasty tick bite in Austria, so I'm so happy to be growing mine so I know what's going into it. It's the only thing that has bought me back from being 245lb (usually 181) and nearly ending my own life... Things got bad. I owe this little plant my life.. So when I grow, I grow with purpose, care and enthusiasm for the art of it..

    The more tips I get from more experienced growers like yourself, the better my condition will end up being too :)

    Being high is a pretty awesome side effect though... Watch 'cosmos' when high as balls.. Fuck lol

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