My fledgling glass collection

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    Hi all. I've been smoking for about a year now, and needless to say, I sort of took to it fast. Especially the glass part...there's something wonderful about a functional piece of art. Anyways, I figured I'd post up my glass collection as of right now. I've got a HVY mini, clear with a bubble bottom (my next purchase is a new slide, because I don't think I like the hollow slide that comes with the gets very dirty very fast, even though it looks cool. I'm thinking a deep red, blue or black slide if I can find a nice one.)

    Besides that, I've got a hammer-style bubbler, which I'm a huge fan of. Very thick glass, deep bowl, great for contemplative smoking and relaxing.

    I've got a new dry sherlock-style spoon that I just bought a couple hours ago, haven't even smoked out of it yet. It looks like it's gonna be great.

    Besides that, I've got a very nice chillum that I absolutely love. These pictures are from when it was new, when it's resined up it's a deep blue on the inside and a translucent purple at the mouthpiece. Thick glass, and molded so it fits between my fingers really well. Great for on-the-go smoking and walks in the city.

    Finally, the first piece I bought, a cheap was my first piece, but it doesn't hold much sentimental value for me. It doesn't hit well at all compared to any other piece I've smoked out of, so I'm gonna give it away in a couple months.

    Pipes 002.jpg

    Pipes 006.jpg

    Pipes 007.jpg

    Pipes 009.jpg

    Pipes 011.jpg

    Pipes 012.jpg


  2. i've hit one of those mini HVYs before, they really rip for the price. is yours diffused?
  3. No, and it's got a very short (like 2.5") you know of anywhere that sells a diffusor that short?
  4. great collection man, congrats.

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