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    Hi GC! Did my first harvest last night :D

    2x Auto Ak47s 3 Months to the day from seed to harvest, not a massive yield but the grow conditions weren't exactly perfect. Recommended lighting for these autos was 20/4 for the entire grow but i had to turn to 12/12 for my PPPs in the same room.

    (soil grow/600w super HPS/ VitaLink Earth 2/2/4.... My first grow)​

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  2. Damn nice harvest, waiting for my first harvest. That bud looks damn good! Did u look at trichs too judge cut date?
  3. I say very nice harvest for first attempt.... :hello: Cheers!
  4. Hi, i started looking at the trichs but just waited until most of the pistles had gone brown.... bang on time :)
  5. Cheers, looking nice and frosty
  6. Hey looks real nice fuzzy, looking like you got a bit of weight there. Let us know the end weight when you get there.

    Happy toking :bongin:
  7. Thanks lbs, i'll post the dry weight in a few days, i'm looking forward to my power plant harvest in a month or so :)
  8. Hi GC, weighed in at 53g. down to 50g already.... it sure does a good job of knocking me out! :smoking:



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