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My First Wake and Bake

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ramrod420, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. So it all started last night. i get a text from a friend asking if i'd smoked lately. I told him how i was high and dry, and how it sucked. he then asks if i'd want to smoke a j with him tomorrow. i say thats a great idea, and asks what time. he tells be to be ready by FIGHT FUCKING THIRTY. Now i thought i would get tons of sleep, with my noon class being cancelled and all. but i agree of course, always wanting to experience this "wake and bake" theory that everyone talks about. So now we fast forward to 8:00AM when i wake up to my alarm. My buddy reluctantly says that he has been feeling sick, and was thinking we could postpone to friday. I tell him that its fine, and that im glad he didnt want to get me sick. So i fall back into some crazy dream i had been having, eventually waking at roughly 11:00 to a text and missed call from the same friend. i give him a call back and the first thing out of his mouth is "still wanna smoke"? My hopes are suddenly rekindled. I respond withm an enthusiastic "hell yeah dude"! He says hes by my building, so i quickly grab my keys, a jacket, and my trusty lighter, and rush down the stairs. Spotting his car, i hop inside and away we go. So a minute later we're lighting up a j and jamming to "smoke two joints" by Sublime. we finish it up and i eat the roach(something i hadn't done before), and i assume our adventure is at its end. He, however, has different plans. He asks me to reach into his glovebox and to grab another out of his Lucky Strikes pack, which i light. We drive some more, and finish the second j before he drops me off at my building. Standing outside in the plesant warmth from the sunlight, smoking a lucky strike(my special occasion cigarette for when i have a major paper and such) i bummed off my friend, everything just seemed so peaceful. i was relaxed and excited, and just wanted to share my story about my first wake and bake, and how it nearly didn't hapen.

    P.S. Those joints are gettin' me pretty lifted, so sorry if the story didn't make sense lol. Any comments or additional stories about your first wake and bake would be greatly appreciated!

    Peace and love boys and girls :smoking:
  2. I first waked and baked......yesterday?!?! haha yea. so it is the new semester and classes are all fucked up and my roomate has an early ass class, so he wakes my ass up in the morning and i cant sleep again, i picked up an eight earlier that day so I thought....lets smoke.

    I light up my little acryllic train and I puff out two newbie tolerance allowed me to get baked beyond....and then I smoked some more....I was greenin a little but it went away after i got my mind hooked on something. And now today, I dont have class until 3 so i am high as a kite wooo:smoking::smoking:
  3. yeaaaaa dude thats what its all about! i feel like walking around the town now!
  4. Waaait hold on a sec. Are you guys smoking Lucky Strike filters or the non filtered? I can't find LS filters for the life of me!!

    But yea, wake n bakes are amazing. Much more different high in my opinion than a first smoke of the day being a few hours after you wake up. Very uplifting.
  5. exactly it was. after that whole story of thinking i might not be able to, it was an adventure to throw some clothes on and smoke up. My day will be much better.
    And they were nonfilters, which i can find at a few places. the BP station on campus sells them, but im not sure where my friend got his. as for filters im not sure at all.
  6. Wake N Bake makes me giggly. It's my favorite time to smoke! I really liked your story ramrod so im giving you rep. thats a great story for a first time wake n bake.
  7. Lol im so excited and dont even know what all this "rep" business is about! but it sounds fantastic lol. and i've just been so mellow. since i got back to the room i've gotten on here to share the story, drew a picture, played guitar, and am now formulating my plans for when my roommate wakes up! :D awesome day.
  8. +rep for sure. You have unlocked the door to one of my favorite plant-based activities. If I don't wake n bake, something about my morning just seems a little.... off. Not in a bad way mind you, just like my subconscious letting me know it could have been so much better.
  9. I wake n bake every day just about every morning.

    its like coffee to me.
  10. I cant believe i've missed out on this for so long! now THIS is the best part of wakin' up!
  11. i wanna wake and bake!

  12. except for folgers in your cup, or like an eggo waffle, with some syrup, a cheesecake danish, and a dip, and 5 bucks you found in your old jeans:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  13. lol thats like....the perfect day! O.O finding old money in your jeans is officially one of the best feelings ever.

  14. Goof +rep

    P.S. My very first time i did a wake n bake was with my friend who was driving ad it was winter...she ran into the back of a car. Its true, girls cant drive cars in snowy weather. i didnt get in any trouble though, oh and i got out of school because of it. I felt "traumatized" is what i told my dad
  15. I tried once but I just went back to bed... hahah I'll try again when I actually have a plan for my day. I woke up at 8am-ish, smoked, ate four bowls of cereal. Then I thought "I have not shit to do today..." wound up in bed till noon.

    I'm way stoked for you man, congrats on a successful wake&bake!

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