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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ariss, Jan 31, 2003.

  1. Hi , i am a DJ Ariss from Serbia & Montenegro (former republic of Yugoslavia) , i have a 24 years and i like to smoke Canabis sativa like all my friends in my beloved town.
    I personelly think that this site is very very good ( i am new to the internet and to writting on english SORRY !!!) and all my free time am gonna visiting your web ...
    I want to know and understend the way you on the "West" expirience smoking of Joints and growing Marijuana . Here we surviving the post comunism era and boy its really tough but we are very strong (just kidding) .
    All marijuana smokers can free email me on ariss@eunet.yu , so we can change expiriences and maybe (who knows) even visit me ...
    See ya all !!! MARIJUANA LOVERS hi hi hi ... im Stoned to death .
  2. Welcome to the site.. Enjoy your stay.

  3. lol :) dont go dying on us! welcome enjoy your stay in the city!
  4. Welcome to the City! Spend as much time as you like here and have FUN. We're glad you found us!!!!!!!!
  5. The 'city is internationally known! Every countries' tokers are welcome!
  6. well fuck not so far away from in alaska!

    enjoy your stay here!!!
  7. welcome to the city :D
  8. Hellow, glad u found this place, though its kinda a shame, i never noticed it in the past., but we're here!!

    hey dirtydingusus i'm in alaska TOO !!! what part u from?!? i'm in anchorage of course (my fav. place here besides the valley).
  9. im in of the wet!
  10. HIGH All, right on ariss more power to you. You've come to a good spot to meet new friends.

    We live in Canada in the beautiful Province of British Columbia on Vancouer Island.

    Have a great stay here ariss.
  11. WoW juneau! well glad to see another alaskan on here .,

    i thought i was the only one.

    never been to juneau but my good friend was born there, i would like to think he turned out alright :p
  12. hey this site kicks ass, all the stoners have found each other, its badass!!!! i am new to this site, but not new to weed!!! this site rocks! thanks so much to whoever made this!!!
  13. Super Joint started this place and yes, it does kick ass!!!

    Welcome to the City, smokin&tokin!!!!!

  14. Welcome to the city. I hope you enjoy your stay here.
  15. welcome to the city friend, i look forward to your posts. :)


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