My First Vape... but?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Floweroflife, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Hey All:p
    just bought my first vape and thought maybe I would be able to stretch my weed as well as my lungs but my herb goes faster. I have the extreme Q vape and it has both functions... balloon or whip. It seems no matter how much herb I pack in there I only get maybe 2 balloons when I am packing a few fat bowls in one. Would anyone recommend using maybe less herb? Or? Just wondering how people conserve and stretch their weed when I am blowing through the last of my favorite strains. I will try less tonight and see if it makes a difference...Peace
  2. put the temp at 115,
    put the whip on, leave the bowl empty, put the fan on number two, let it warm up for about ten minutes. after that turn the fan off, pack the tree, and put the whip back one, wait two minutes, then take hits, but slowly breath in and take a big hit, if the bowl is packed more than halfway you can chill on it for a great while,

    happy vaping,

  3. Thanx man...I will try this way but I am mostly interested in using the bags so I will just do the same except plug the bag in and go from there peace

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