My first try indoor tell me what you think...

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  1. What type of medium; soil
    What brand and type of soil? ff ocean
    What type of fertilzer ff grow big for now
    What strain? WW
    How old are the plants? 1 day to 4 weeks
    What type of lights and how many watts? 4 4foot 6500k flourecent for veg. 2 1000 hps
    What is the medium/runoff pH? 5.8
    What are the temps and humidity in the room? 71/ 50%
    What size pots? party cups ready to switch to 1 1/2 gallon pots

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  3. i no it is not much but no one has anything to say......
  4. this is actually really good man
    nice work
  5. looks like you have got a lot growing for your first indoor run. I dont know that id put that many under only 2000watts. theyll be fighting eachother for light, all your plantsa look great though
  6. Thank you for your interest. I still have to weed out the males turn a few into mothers..
  7. looks like your doing okay! I like your sea of green! Those things are running wild like hulkamania!
  8. Thanks alot I am always real hard on myself...

    Thanks to you as well. I have been doing realy well outdoors time for new hobbie..
  9. jeez alot for the first time. but looks real nice. lil jealous
  10. Grow big or go home!!! lol cutting way back only 1 1000 and 76x76x76 tent for flowering. plan on only flowering what fits and has an equal canopy to start.
    Having a problem with afew getting yellowish brown spots.
    Been flushing with no nuts for aweek now some getting worse some not changing.
    I will have pics shortly.
  11. check your ph
  12. Hey GC whats good? It has been a minute sorry. Bought a book that has detailed pictures of leafs with diff. kinds of deficiency.. Works great also When in doubt flush them out.. lol So have a little more of a plan now v day started 30 in my flowering room 17 turned to be girlie's waiting 2 weeks and going to move 30 more. Switched to FF big bloom and tiger bloom. I have 5 Big Bang female, 5 lemon skunk female, and 5 Train-wreck female from Green House. with 100% germination.. Here are some cheap pictures with camera phone..WW bag seed 10 days flowering.

    does anyone no why my camera will not work around my hps light, it puts lines in the picture..

  13. nicegarden you have going there... do you have a digital ballast? maybe thats causing the camera issue
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    Hey GC its been awile so here I am 20 on week 5 and 20 on week 2.
    Please tell me your thoughts..

  15. Wow! Great job! This was your first grow eh? I can't imagine what the second one will look like:)
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    Hey GC whats good? Check it out Im super stocked... Took down 19 last night here are some pics. Also will update dry weight...


  17. Very nice harvest.... :hello: +rep
  18. ^^^ Thanks newgrowNY. Have learned a lot on here. Did not pay attention to soil ph this last run.. Now I am understanding with better results on the other 20 ladies
  19. Wow had to take my blunt out my mouth and pay attention to what u got going on.....woow,nice, your doinging one hell of a job..keep it up..Hope I can pick ur brain for pointers one day.

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