My first try, I got a clone to root! Pics!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DevilRed, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. Hey guys I got my first plant to clone, first try. I had the plant for about 3 days with no humidity chamber. I was told it works better with one, so I cut a gatoraid bottle bottom off, put it over my plant, misted her 3 times a day and set her under 66w of floro's for 24 hours.

    Okay so now that she seems to have a good root system i took the bottle off her and am still misting her. I will transfer her in another week to a bigger pot.

    oh yea, it took about 8 days to get all these roots. I hope they are the plants roots and not someting in my soil. But they are pretty thick and there are no other little plants poking up so i imagine they are hers.

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  2. Her is my little "cloning" made easy set up.

    1- clear party cup
    1-large Gatoraid bottle
    1- cup of potting soil
    1- cut plant slip of your favorite flavor.

    I cut the slip under water on a angle, and but a 1cm cut up the stem, removed most leaves but some up top. Rolled the end in root powder, and then stuck it in the moist soil. I already had a hole poked so it didn't wipe the hormone off.
    Mist the heck out of her and keep her warm under light :)

    Ive got another 5 going with no humidity champer, but i have to mist them A LOT more. Like every chance I get...prob 10+ times a day. They are in little cardboard tiny planters so I can't see the roots but they are not wilting so I image it is working, just prob a little slower. But I do keep the plant and the soil as moist as possible.

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  3. congrads! ill be doing the same soon! :)
  4. Oh heck ive got a slick way to swap pots. The party cup is super easy to cut. I just cut it in half down the sides and split it. Put in new pot and viola.........soon to be my new mum.

    I hope to get a good 15-20 clones off her and my other mum. God I can't wait.......all females next year.
  5. i see your clone is flowering i was just wondering if it is still under a 24\7 light schedule or a 12\12?

    also if it is under a 24\7, then why is it flowering?
  6. Yes my clone is flowering. I took the slip off a plant that was flowering for a good two weeks.

    The clone has been under 24/7 light for the past few weeks now and still does have the flower hairs on her. Since I put her in a new pot she has grown a good inch and does have new little branches on the way.

    I also have a 15" female that was a few weeks into flowering that I brought in. She has grown a few inches and is starting to veg again. Her leaves are strange, the new onles look like the baby leaves. I imagine the next set will have the fingers. That said, I imagine my clone will go through the same ordeal.

    Ive got my light now set up so the floro's will stay on 24/7 (200w) and my 70w hps is only on for 20h a day. Save on my light bill a little and let the room cool the during the hot part of the day. Ill post some new pics , prob next week of the growth.
  7. she looks ready to pot up, if u use clear pots to root clones (i do so i can c when to pot up) then when roots start to show through the sides try and block the light from them. the light will slow the roots down again or worse cause algie to grow in ur soil.

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