My first trip to America... (AND my first hot tub experience)

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    A woman's voice came out of the speakers and ranged through out the hall,

    "Passengers boarding American Airline to Dallas, Flight 911, please proceed to your boarding gate, thank you."

    I checked my pockets, and they were all there.

    The passport, the boarding ticket, and the wallet.

    "Everything CHECKED."

    And I was ready to board a plane heading to...



    America. Here I come.

    I boarded the plane and stayed motionless for 12 hours.

    In anticipation of setting my foot for the first time on the American soil, I could not move.

    But my mind was racing around, thinking about the things I would do, once I got to United States of America.

    And there wasn't too much to think about, when it came to what I was going to do in America, because there was only ONE thing I wanted to do. It was the only reason why I sold my car to make the money I needed for this travel.

    I HAD to go to America.

    I HAD to see it for myself.

    I HAD to experience it for myself...

    Soon, but not soon enough, the plane landed, and I released a sigh of relieve.

    Finally. I am in America.


    Once I exited the airport, I grabbed a cab and asked him to take me to 'downtown'. He asked, 'where exactly?', and I said, 'anywhere there is a hotel.'.

    He nodded, and skillfully drove the HUGE american taxi through the open roads and took me to a certain part of the town, and parked in front of a very posh looking hotel.

    I paid him as it read on the meter, plus tip of course, and I walked straight to the information counter and asked the lady there,

    "Do you have 'hot tub' in your hotel?"

    And she said,

    "Yes, we do. Would you like me to tell you where it is?"

    And I said,

    "Please do."

    And she said it was on the third floor.

    "Thank you."

    I hurrily walked up the stairs to the third floor, where there was indeed, the 'hot tub'.


    I clumsily approached the front desk, where there was a lady sitting behind the marble counter.

    I asked,

    "Is this the... hot tub?"

    And she smiled and said,

    "Yes, it is. Would you like to use it?"

    And I sheepishly said,

    "Yes, I would like to use it very much."

    And she went on to explain to me about the cost and where the locker room was, which all went through my head without really registering because I was so excited that I was actually inside a real hot tub.

    I've heard about this 'hot tub' from a very reliable source on the internet. I've been thoroughly informed on how to behave and what to expect by a couple of nice guys on the forum, but when I was actually there for real, I got VERY nervous.

    So nervous that I wasn't able to get my dick up at the locker room.

    I took off my clothes, and I wanted to check to see if it was working, so I stroke it a few times, but it didn't wake up.

    'It must be the long flight...'

    So I took out a picture of a creampied pussy from my pocket to stimulate it, and after few encouragement, my dick fianally responded, and stood up like a man.

    And once I reminded him that we were now inside a real American hot tub, and that we were only seconds away from experiencing it, he started a raging boner.

    'Good boy.'

    I said, and walked towards the door that had a sign which said,

    "Hot Tub"

    I stood behind the door and took a deep breath, and I thought to myself,

    "American Hot Tub, here I come!"

    I flung open the door with both hands and stepped in to the room with my dick first. The door opened easily.

    At first there was a bit of fog, common in any hot tub, and once the fog cleared, I was confronted by...

    Two middle age women in a bubbly tub, fully dressed in swimming suits, a young woman in training clothes, standing next to the tub, and a dude in speedo on a bench, all looking at me like,

    :eek: WHAT THE FUCK?!


    * Thanks to Samantha for telling me the truth.
    * Fuck you to those who lied about the hot tub.
  2. Yea, definitely keep your clothes on until you have seen what is occupying the hot tub. WELCOME TO AMERICA!
  3. Alright, somebody post a "lol wut" pear.... :smoke:
  4. awesome .is there a to b continued??:)
  5. Now do one about Australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:hello:
  6. I am so confused
  7. how do you like america? [texas anyway]
  8. You lost me at the part about not being able to get your dick up.:confused:
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    I should explain.

    Recently, there was a threat in RLS, 'Weird hot tub experience' and in there, I was told that in America, at hot tubs, people get naked and have public sex.

    I was under the impression, that it costed about 100 bucks to have the experience, and I thought,

    I am SOOOO going to America...


    But later I was told that no such thing happens by a fellow blady in GC.


    I was so... disappointed... my dream, shattered...

    I really thought the hot tub in America was like.. you get naked, and jump in the tubful of chicks, and there would be chicks and dudes getting it on in the tub...

    Shit... remember when I said,

    "Fuck the truth, just sell me a good lie." ?

    This is one of the times when I want to fuck the truth and just buy a good lie.


    For the record, I never did travel to America, I'm still in my office.

    But one of these days... I will visit the land of the brave and the home of the free.
  10. Whats hot tub?
  11. go to NYC or LA, lol not fucking texas

  12. If I went to NYC or LA, will I be able to find hot tubs full of chicks and dudes having public sex?

  13. shit in LA prolly lmao
  14. I KNEW this was going to be about your boner before I opened it.

    But very lol worthy. Wish I could rep ya.
  15. Can you confirm that? Have you been in there personally?

    (sorry for the heavy scrutinizing, but I hope you understand...)

  16. Calm down. Australia gets enough attention as it is. OP, where are you from?

  17. i lived there from 6th-8th grade, and saw more titties there then i ever have in my life, lmao.

  18. Is there a hot tub full of chicks and dudes having public sex in Australia? If yes, then sure. I'll go to Australia. It's a lot closer than going to America since I'm in Thailand.

  19. it was when i read this that i knew, things were going to get good
  20. no naked sex at the hot tubs but...there are fine ass women that go to the pools at las vegas.
    like when i was bout 14-15 i liked to go there early in the morning when theres barly neone there the two beauties were there i was stunned my god they were so hot
    blond nice breasts bout c or d cups :D they were definitely fit young women

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