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My first toke. Ever.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by PlantofPleasure, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. OP - The racing heart is normal. Your heart rate increases when you smoke small-moderate amounts of weed, and decreases if you smoke heavily. I'm with the majority when I say next time just smoke the weed by itself. Paranoia happens sometimes. You just have to remind yourself that its just weed, and nothing bad is going to happen. Take a deep breath, and try not to think about it. When you keep thinkin about it, you make it worse, and can even end up having a panic attack. Just relax and chill. :)

    Joints and blunts don't waste weed. You can roll a pretty nice J with .3, and a pretty nice blunt with .5... AND you can put them out once you're high, and save the rest for later. ;)
  2. .2 or .3? i woulnd't feel shit unless it was out of a waterfall, but anyway

    you didn't get high, which is probably why you had a somewhat unpleasent experience. You felt a buzz pretty much, maybe a little bit more. Just wait till your first time blazed out of your fucking mind, one of my friends had that saterday. its awesome. Try to smoke with people who have a bit more expirience and are good friends that won't fuck with you.

    Mixing tabaco is pretty gross, i know everyones already told you that but i gotta say it. wait like 5 minutes after you chong to realize high high you are, then smoke a cigg, you'll feel amazing.

    but yeah, once you're chonging starts taking off like 4+ days a week you'll be fine. or if you jsut smoke like vast amounts every weekend. Or do both like me :D haha
  3. Thanks for the wise words :) :smoke:

    So you dont think i was any high?
    I was in severe doubt, just felt a little "abnormal" and anxious, accompanied by the mild panic-attack i had. I guess i will deffo not mix with tobacco anymore, unless its a freaking emergancy. :D

    But true words there Cottons..
    Its just weed, after all. I was acting real up last friday when i smoked.. got paranoid and was afraid to die, many toughts rushed through my head. Like this shit has just backfired me bigtime, now my heart will blow and ill pass out etc.
    Anxiety, shitty business.

    I think my next try will work better. More confident about this now. :)
    Mostly thanks to the good support from you guys, appreciate it!

    Now, does anyone know of any good stores for getting my accessories?
    Need like, a grinder.. some cones.. and erm.. maybe a glasspipe, some zip-baggies. Stuff like that. Or is perhaps the grasscity store good enough? :smoke:
  4. Plastic is terrible for storing herb!
    The best option for a storage container is a glass mason jar(the kind with a 2 part lid), they come in all sizes.
    Make sure you clean the jar well, then let it sit openly and air dry for a day or two, then put your buds in, and never put anything in there with them.

    Always store in a cool, dry, and dark place. A dresser/desk drawer is ideal, never store in the fridge or freezer.

    If your in a pinch, you can use a small orange pill bottle, just clean it and dry it well first.

    Joints/blunts CAN be a waste, they are not always though. Thanks Cotton
  5. I reccomend you check out the
    sticky: The complete connesuirs guide to enjoying cannabis
    In the seasoned tokers sub forum.
  6. next time you smoke you will be a lot less paranoid. you will know how the green effects you and you will be able to control it better.
  7. First time I toked...I was 100% convinced I was having a heart attack and was going to die. So some hott chick had to come over to calm me down, lol I ended up having to take a little nap on the floor, but whatever.

    Anyways...just pack a bowl man. Don't bother with a joint if you don't have much weed, joints waste a bit of weed...do you even know how to roll a joint?

    Don't worry about how much or how often you're hitting it, just toast a bowl, put some music on, and relax. If you slip into another panic attack, just convince yourself all what you did was smoke a plant! It's also good to remember that no one has died from marijuana, so you won't either!

    Happy toking :smoke:
  8. Man, don't mix it with tobacco, just put a straight bowl of ground up good in the bowl, and make sure it's actual bud.. never heard of snickelfritz other than in pineapple express, light and inhale man. You should get high soon
  9. Hey man the thing you said about not inhaling for more than 5 seconds got me thinking. What if I'm taking a long hit off one of my bowls or somthing, and the hit last lets say 7 seconds. according to your logic that means that the first two seconds of the inhaill are turned to tar by the time you exhale the rest of the smoke?

    If that makes no sense it because i'm high as fuck:smoke:
  10. Ask some stoners where they got there shit, or yes, grasscity is pretty good, but look at stuff before you buy it, if i was you and just starting out i'd get a glass pipe for starters. After you get more knowledgeable about the jane then upgrade to a nice glass bong, or you might even prefer papers if you have the bud for them.
  11. didnt read all the other posts.

    but if it was your first time, can you explain the bold line lol.
  12. the only time i wud mix tobaccco and weed wud be if i was rollin a nice cone joint with weed and baccy :smoking:

    and yea i felt that wen i mixed tobacco and weed my heart was pounding fast, doesnt usually happen when i smoke straight weed
  13. okay, listen all ye first time tokers, the reason people get paranoid their first time is because they are not used to the different effects from the weed and they start panicking. To stop this from happening newcomers to weed have to gradually work their way into the high don't smoke too fast instead take a hit and then wait ten minutes so you can feel what effects it has on you, this will make for a much more comfortable first high.:D
  14. The first time I somked, I didnt feel high. But i had munchies. Second time I got pretty zooted.
  15. lol my first timei fucking loved it. my perants rolld this huge blunt and they left a fat roach outside. i smoked that shit and got so fucking high.

    one time i smoked a fat joint then a fatter roach joint of some primo shit and i got all paranoid and felt realy gross kinda like you discribed. and then about half an hour later of that it went away and it was just pure bliss like nothing i have felt before.

    the next time i got really fucked up was about 4 weeks later i bought a 20 bag, smoked it in a day in a half (with someone else this whole story.)then 8 grams, smoked that in 4,then a 40 bag that i smoked in 2 days. perma fucking bake fore like 8 days. me having no tolerence and my buddy who just got out of prison so no tolerance eaither lol. we would jump on the trampoline, play need for speed mw. lol good times. what a blast. we had blueberry kush. we went down to an elementary school on the weekend and smoked likee 4 joints then pop can piped the roaches i was so high fuck lol.

    i used to get the feeling when i sat down in a comfy couch or something it was like i was risingin the air than getting dropped on the couch repeatedly and super fast-ly..?whenever i smoked weed. now i never do anymore. i didnt like at first but now i kinda miss it. mabe i should go on a t break

    sorry if im babling and lots of typos im igh and have nothing to do
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    I meant it in a small perspective, alongside the feeling you get from alcohol-intoxication etc. I'd never experienced a "head high" before, and thus i didnt really know what to expect :)

    Im heading downtown soon, theres a good store that i know of which sells a variety of pipes, bongs, acessories like grinders etc. Need a scale aswell.

    When there items are purchased i guess im pretty loaded with what i need.

    I just really hope that next time i smoke i wont get so nervous. I know deep inside that
    this is most likely why i had the panic-attack last friday when i smoked for the first time.
    Like i said, feeling of being warm but then cold, pounding heart.. minor dizzyness. Feeling in general unwell.

    Maryjane cant trigger heart-problems can it?
    Its things like this i go around worry about.

    Spoke to a friend of mine, he was recently in rotterdam.
    He smokes quite a bit, and when i sat down in a coffeshop he had a few tokes, and after a short while he also had a minor panic-attack due to his heart racing up. So he had to leave and get back to his hotel to chill it out. I suppose it isnt dangerous but still its kinda scary when your in the smacking middle of it. Anxiety-attacks can feel so real. Im sure i freaked out because my heart started to pound, and i felt very cold at the same time. Is this a reaction i will get every time i smoke weed? And what is causing me to get the chills? I actually almost started to shake a bit aswell.

    On top of all this i just want to get high and enjoy it, without getting cold or stuff like that.
    Anyone else experienced this before?

    I know however that weed ain't harmful (as far as i know) and these "sideeffects" i had, isnt harmful either. Just didnt feel good, at all.

    But like i said, this was my first time. After the first time (friday) i smoked like just a VERY SMALL piece of my bud, placed it in a cigarette (few days ago). Didnt feel much but maybe a little more relaxed, nothing happened at that time.

    Just hope i wont be struggling with panic-attacks every time i get high, it really ruins it.
    Been on perscription medication once like i mentioned - for about 5 months back in 2005.
    I might be a person who could get anxious a little easy, but i know weed isnt harmful and i know that whatever i feel when im high is not harmful in any way.

    I mean.. it isnt, is it? Ill toke some more soon enough, not much but just a bit.. then ill see how it works out. :)
  17. Sorry I can't link to this right now, but do a search for Granny Storm Crows list 2009, an entire list with hundreds of medical studies on cannabis.

    Like I said you should also watch The Union, search for just that in google video, it should be the first result, it should make you feel a lot better about the experience.
  18. The main thng to remember is that all the crazy, paranoid, panicky thoughts you might have while your still new are ALL in your head.
    if you think "shit I hope this doesn't to bad and I don't have a panic attack" well then just that thought could bring it on. If you think happy thoughts, stay in a calm and relaxed state of mind, and don't think about ' when will I feel high?' then it will come on gradually and you will KNOW when it hits you.
  19. Hmm, sounds like you could've overdone it! Some people don't get high at all their first time, usually because they do it wrong - others get blasted into outer space. Apparently you smoke tobacco, so you probably did it right, and if you took multiple hits, that could be what happened. Getting high is rarely a 100% positive experience the first time... it's just weird. Once you've smoked a few more times you'll start to feel the groove.
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    Yeah i guess its all brains. :rolleyes:
    Im still so new to MJ so when i grab the pipe and put some weed in it i feel excited. I know deep inside this isnt harmful or at least not lethal in any way.

    But like Azoth points out, as so many others here at the forum, i guess its all about just relaxing as much as possible, and smoke a few times before i get "used" to it. So it kinda becomes a "daily" routine sort of. If you know what i mean ;) thus making it less "exciting" and making me relax and ease up more.

    I tried to light a very small amount of weed in my pipe today, an hour ago.
    It wasnt much, just enough to cover the tip of my indexfinger.
    MARK: I TRIED. :p

    The weed barely burned after several attempts to light it up.
    I took some tokes but smoke was barely noticeable. I looked into the bowl, and the weed was still there, just kinda "roasted" outside. Might be too wet/moisted, i dont know.

    Maybe i ought to just try and get better weed.. hm

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