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My First Tincture (Help Appreciated)

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Crispy24, Oct 10, 2022.

  1. Hey guys,

    So hoping to make my first tincture as an alternate to smoking so much. I have a couple of questions I'm unsure of and would appreciate some help.

    I've bought:
    • Magic Butter Machine + Decarb Box
    • 95% Polish Vodka (Best Everclear alternative I could find in the UK)
    • Vegetable Glycerine
    • 50ml Tincture Bottles
    To start, all I want to to is to make one Tincture to see how it is/how it works.

    I know I need to decarb the herb first, my questions are:

    1) How much Alcohol do you think I would need to fill a 50ml bottle - is it 50ml or will it evaporate so should be more?

    2) If I did pure alcohol (I don't mind the THC is high) - is it safe to put a few drops on your tongue being so high? I know you can't drink the achohol.

    3) I saw because it absorbs better to do the process with Alcohol rather than VG. But saw you can mix the Alcohol Mixture with VG (just shake in the vial) to make it less strong/more palatable. If so what amount of VG would you use to alcohol?

    4) How much herb would you use vs the 50ml etc. mixture?

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Hello, 50ml is not a lot to work with but it could wash 7grams or so . You will lose some to absorption.,maybe end up with 1oz+ of tincture, but I haven't done a batch this small so I'm guessing about the absorption amount.,you may only lose a 1/2oz.,
    I use 1oz of bud with 240ml (1 cup)of alcohol then after I wash the bud I have 210-225ml. of tincture that as is has aprox 15mg thc in 1 squeeze of an eyedropper.,I evaporate it down to 4oz and the dropper is aprox 25mg.,+ - . I use it under my tongue.,start with a small dose to learn how much you want. Too much is not fun!!
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  3. Thanks, and is the alchohol okay at that high %? To be honest it's not super cheap and I don't grow. I'm trying to do a small amount so I don't mess up like $300 worth
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  4. Yes it is good to use the high alcohol.,I have just washed 2oz. of bud through 1cup of alcohol and got 6oz of tincture.,I washed one ounce of bud at a time with the same alcohol .,I guesstimate the finished tincture to be about 33mg of thc per squeeze. This is me trying to get the most bud through 1cup (8oz) of alcohol before I feel I'm losing too much alcohol to absorption.
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