My first times. Yep...I'm retarded

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  1. So yeah, I've only blazed a couple times but it was an awesome expierence. I smoked with my friend about 3 times out of a regular bong. I'm walkin home down this really dark street and I start seeing shit. Black things flyin all over the place, like ninjas in animes. My first time, I was walkin home biting my tongue and punchin myself. Then I started seeing the black things. Then I saw Spiderman and the green goblin on the street. I know you dont hallucinate or nothin but I'm almost 80% positive they were there. Then I bought some off him, got arrested, stupid cops threw it out, I got off with a warning. Then I smoked with him with a pipe. I got home and I snuck in through my basement door and it ws completely black so I'm like freakin out shaking climbing the steps. I was so freakin scared for some reason. Took me like 20 minutes cuz I thought someone was gonna catch me. Then I smoked by myself in my backyard. That was freaky. I'm sitting behind my garage smokin out of a bong I made, I'm hearin all these animals running all over the place. I just kinda stared at the bushes for a while. I got lost walking home once, made a wrong turn and it took me the wrong way. The last time I got high, I was with my friend again smoking out of an ice bong. We did three bowls between the 2 of use, we were soo fucked up. I walked my bike thro some grass, he rode his up to the street, I got to the street, rode about 10 feet. We were outside a public highschool in the woods behind it. I got stuck on somethin, I couldn't stop laughin. I closed my eyes and i have no idea what happened after wards, but i opened my eyes sometime later and pushed off the ground, trying to scooter my bike and i moved like 1 foot and it stopped and I start screamin "I'M NOT GOIN ANYWHERE!!" My friend is like COME ON! Eventually I remembered that my bike was one of those, if you push the peddles backwards, the breaks come on. I felt kinda dumb after that. Then we got into a 10 minute argument argueing on which way I could take to get home. I'm just retarded.
  2. People dont usually get THAT high. I dunno if this is lagit...

  3. That's what I'm thinking.
  4. I have like no tolerance ofr this stuff, not to mention most of this happened at like 11:30pm, I was stoned and dead tired.
  5. Ruse calls bullshit.

    He's hallucinated on weed, actually it happens quite a bit to him, but solid, identifiable characters aren't even conceivable.
  6. i love cops, by the way protect and serve, but im sure he was smoking a bowl watching cartoon network and thought he was mary jane or some shit
  7. hey, maybe some of it holds truth. i am a little experienced, and yesterday i smoked 3 joints of some POTENT shit. and let me tell you, when it started raining, i heard the rain telling me things. also, my mind felt like an action show, because i was standing next to this apartment building by this bush, and would think, "what if a cop just walked up on me?" and i would then see a cop walk up on me and ask me what im doing. i am able to control it and let myself see whatever i want to see, but its not hallucination, its imagination. maybe this kid was thinking about it and it looked/felt really real to him.
  8. They weren't solid figurees, they were like....

    Pictures, not even clearly visible, they were on the asphalt. They weren't moving. They looked like someone took a giant Ultra Violet lightbulb and took a giant clear thingy of spiderman and flashed the bulb ontop of the spiderman leaving a purple spiderman on the ground. Thats what it looked like.
  9. you definitely werent smoking weed, fiend.
  10. yeah i don't know if i beleive the ninja part but a couple times i hallucinated. i smoked like 3 bowls of dank and i was sitting in my room and i saw my recliner shake and a little girl was scary. it might have been because i had smoked salvia out of that bong and there was some left, idk.
  11. i think the nija thing was just paranoia. It was probably shadows moving and he was just trippin out. The most mind tricks i ever had was yesterday evening. We were posted in the decent sized forest and i decided to look up instead of forward.Boy was i surprised. all the different leaves and colors and shapes just was intense. If i kept my eyes steady(which was hard) the leaves all began to look like one of those trippy images that are everywhere on the internet, where part of the picture is moving while the rest is still. the "inner" part was blurry and moving around, while the "outer section was clear but it was staying in place.TRIPPY.i dunno i was very baked, if i find a pic. ill post one up.
  12. Sounds like you were smoking some laced shit. I mean I've gotten so baked before that I thought I was in elf-town or some wierd shit, but I never actually *saw* things. My thoughts were just really messed up. I'm not saying you're a liar, but if I tripped like that, I'd seriously examine what I was smokin.
  13. You have toked 3 times and got arrested 1?... that´s no good man

  14. Man good weed fucks with my head and shit, liky m mind will float 1 million miles away but never had I legitamatley seen shit from any weed that I have smoked around here.
  15. i had weed that was laced with pcp once and i was sooooooo fucked up, like i had no such thing as normal thought process. i was so high that all of a sudden i got horny so i just dropped my pants in my kitchen while my parents were home and slapped the ham thinking about my sister as fucked up as that sounds (i'm not attracted to my sister at all, it scarred me for life). yeah so i want to kill myself when i thought about myself having sex with my sister.
  16. wow. thats so fucked up
  17. holy shit LOLLERSKATES man that made me crack up. its all good man, its the drug that made you think like that, so no sweat.
  18. ahahh WTF? your sister? hahahha shit thats messed up
  19. I dunno man...maybe you were in "bat country" lmao...the black things flyin all over the place.
  20. People openly coming out with their incestual desires makes me feel like this is one big family.


    wait a second...

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