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  1. Well here I am growing my first ever baby!

    This is my first time, I've never really needed to grow anything myself before as I was living in Lebanon where the hash flows freely.

    Now that I have moved to a country where it is virtually impossible to get hooked up without serious risk of incarceration I have taken up indoor gardening.

    It began about 5 weeks ago, I kept some seeds while smoking BANGO in Egypt (unknown strain). After coming back to my present country of residence, i germinated them in some damp cotton wool, 2 sprouted within 48 hours. They were quickly planted in separate pots of soil. A week later a got some new saplings which I put into one of the pots.

    I supported the taller plant (which was in the same pot as 4 later germinaters) with a matchstick - head down. 3 days later all those plants were dead or dying.

    Lesson 1: Sulphur present in a match head is NOT a nutrient!!

    Anyway, I was left with one healthy plant (and I sure hope its a girl).

    Attached is a pic of my girl, she looks healthy enough. The lateral groeth seems to be very healthy and fast but she hasn't been gaining ANY height at all in the past 2 weeks.

    Two weeks ago I repotted her into a new pot, it was easy enough and she didn't seem to take it too badly.

    A week ago I started fertelizing her with 7/3/6 fertelizer which I watered down to about 1/3 strength.

    Tomorrow, I think I will give her a good dose of fert + water.

    My questions are:

    1) are the fluros that I'm using enough? they are 45 W each..

    2) When can I take some cuttings to clone? Will it slow the growth at all?

    3) How long should I keep the light s on for vegetation before I switch to 12/12?

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  2. How are your plants doing??

    are they still growing good and strong or have they turned stringy?

    Im just wondering


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