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  1. Back when i was 14, me my mate my dad and my uncle were all camping in my grandas VW campervan. We went down to a seaside town, and just happened to come across a festival that happened to be on the same weekend we were there!

    The first night we were like to my uncle, can we have some ganja? No joke he left us half an L plate of the harshest shit i've ever toked. Me and my buddy creeped out about 1am and smoke it behind the camper. I took one toke and was like .. SHIT. just threw up a tiny bit. It was that strong haha.

    Yeah and then we just went back in the camper, and my god were we high. my mate was laughing and sketching out at the same time, telling me that gremlins were coming, and that the world was going to disintegrate ...

    The next night we go to this festival and my dad just buys us a ton of beer and we get absolutely wasted. Taxi home and me and my buddy swap from being in the camper to sleeping in my dads car with the hot air blasting through.

    Probably the best weekend of my life man. Good times.

    Best weekend of your lives? :smoke:
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