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  1. Yesterday was the first time I ever did any kinda drug. I was at my friend Shiellas house, who is very experienced. Her boyfriend Keith was also there, and he’s a total pot head. I was in good hands.

    We were outside in the back yard since there was no way we were doing it in the house, (parents weren’t expected home till 10, but STILL.. we didn’t wanna smoke up the house.) Keith got out his pipe and it kinda freaked me out. He loaded it up and tried to give it to me but I didn’t want to do it first I wanted to watch him and Shiella do it since I’d never even been near anyone doing it and I had no clue what the fuck I was doing. So I took my first couple of hits and I was coughing like hella and then I finally learned how to do it right so that I didn’t cough. My throat kinda burned but I had some water near me so it was all good. Then a while later I started to feel funny. My legs were heavy and I got all giggly. I almost fell in the pool… then we went inside, and up to Shiellas room. I went back downstairs to get something outta my back pack but I forgot what it was and I went back up. Then we all went back out again a while later. They wanted me to smoke a bowl but I couldn’t do it all so they took some hits.

    By then I couldn’t even stand up straight let alone walk. I kept walking in circles around the kitchen table and I kept twitching uncontrollably. My body felt heavy, and I just wanted to sit. I would be off into space and then they’d do something to distract me and a few seconds over I’d look over and be like ‘what’ and laugh. Then we went into Shiellas room and sat. They turned on some Techno music and I sat down on the floor propped up against the door of the closet. They were both laying on the bed. I was just sitting there starring into space and then they both left the room for what seemed like forever. I was sitting there, starring into space and I kept hearing things. I thought they were like outside the door trying to freak me out but they weren’t. I think I was just ‘feeling’ the music inside of me. It was weird. It felt like the music was everywhere. Its hard to describe. It felt like the whole world was spinning and I was trying not to just fall flat on my face. Then they came back in and we sat there and they made me laugh. We discovered it was 4:15 so Keith called his mom. Then he called a taxi.

    We went downstairs and sat in the living room looking at all of the elephants. (there was an elephant collection.) I went to go look in the bathroom mirror to check out my eyes and there was this area where the carpet met with the hardwood floor from the kitchen. I thought there was a step or something there so I tried to go up the steps but there weren’t any so I fell flat on my ass on the floor. Keith was like ‘what the hell’ and they both laughed and said I was realllllllllly high. DUH. Shiella started to feel it kicking in and we called Janie and Sam and talked to them a while. Then Keith left and Shiella and I sat on the front porch for a while then we started running around in the front yard. The driveway was slanted and when I tried to stand up straight or walk I like fell over. I commented its like surfing.’

    We both were like
    spinning in circles and running around. I liked laying in the grass it felt nice. Then we went back in and sat on the couch for a while. We were feeling like the affects were wearing off so we called Keith and checked to see if he got in trouble, since he went home late. He didn’t. Then we called Janie and told her that we were both okay and calmer and normal and everything. Then I was feeling better and I went and screwed around on the piano for a while. My fingers felt really heavy but I felt a lot better and I looked perfectly normal so I called my mom to tell her to come get me and I went home. Mom didn’t suspect anything. But she DID comment when we got in the house that ‘it smells like smoke in here.’ BUT thank god my aunt who is a smoker was there and she got the blame. Heh. WELL I had NO hang over or anything at all. No head ache.. no nothing. I feel really great. I LOVED IT…… I now want my own pipe…and I wanted to do it again today.. but I’m not.. OH WELL there’s always next Friday. Heh.
  2. And so the journey begins......................:hippie: :smoking:
  3. well, r u just new to it or hwo much did ya smoke? i only read about 3/5 of your story cause i got bored. i'm kinda new myself, how much did ya smoke?
  4. that was my first time ever..... we bought a $20 sack and i'm not sure how much there was or whatever but we did about half of it and i did about half of that myself... so yeah... i don't really know how to tell how much you do.. imma hafta figure it out
  5. awesome. welcome to the city.
  6. heh, thanks..... i love it
  7. damn, i thought we was going to be talking about a whole 'nother kinda story

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