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My first time

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sneakers, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. It was probably about 1968 or 1969 when I discovered a life long fondness of MJ. They used to tell us back in those days that you had to smoke 3 or 4 times before you could feel it. I don't know if that is still the case with this "new weed".

    A friend and I had gone in on what was called a "can". It was supposed to be the same amount that came in a 1 oz. can of Prince Albert tobacco. We had to have another friend who knew how come and manicure it for us and we put it into matchboxes. I had bought some papers and tobacco to practice rolling and although my joints were less than desirable, they were smokable.

    It was my third or fourth time smoking. I normally would smoke under the bridge then go to a place called Charlie Lung's Mexican food. That chinaman made the best mexican food in Houston, Texas. I had a couple of friends that worked there. They smoked pot too and had already experienced the high I was still searching for.

    Nothing seemed much different that day I smoked and went to get some mexican food. There was hardly anyone in the place that afternoon, just a man and lady sitting across the room from me. The man kept looking at me smiling. Then the lady turned around and looked. They both started laughing at me and pointing. I said to them (loudly) stop pointing and laughing at me. One of my friends that worked there came over to me and said hey, be quiet. You are going to get ripped off. Those people aren't doing anything, you are just high.

    And damn, I was high. Real high. Noone laughs at me like that anymore and even today, 40 years later, I still love to smoke a joint and go get mexican food.

    Tell us your first experience.
  2. Well my best friend Matt and I shared our first high together, and we had been planning it for a while. But one day at school, a friend of mine abdul just handed me a dime bag because he was sketching out. I showed Matt the weed and by the end of the day, had a few g's of mids for us that night, which was the night before spring break of my 7th grade year. We went out behind his house around 8 that night and attempted to roll these joints, which were terrible now that I think of it, out of straight printer paper. I was inhaling deep and holding it in and coughing my lungs out, while Matt wasn't. We continued doing this until we were completely dry, and not high at all. Matt suggested we go get something to eat at arby's, which is a short walk from where we smoked. About what seemed like 5 years later, we had walked about 50 feet, and I turned to Matt and proclaimed how crazy I felt, when I noticed how blood red his eyes were, and we just busted out laughing. When I got to arby's I ordered about $30 worth of food and the same for Matt. He got his cup and went to fill it up when I found him grabbing my shoulder, frantically looking for his cup saying "Dude I have no idea where I put it" After about 5 minutes of searching he realized he was holding the cup all along. We decided we were too messed up to eat inside, so we went outside, and ended up throwing all of our food at each other in what was easily the greatest high of my life.

    Ah the good ol days........

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