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My first time

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dr Bud, Nov 28, 2002.

  1. I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Gerry and I'm a retired professor. I'd like to tell you about the first time I smoked our favorite herb.

    It was spring break of 1963 and six of us students at the University of New Mexico decided to hitchhike from Albuquerque to Guaymas, Mexico.

    We broke into two groups of three to hitchhike. I was with two girls, while two guys were with the third girl. I thought it was pretty even however, as one of the guys was carrying his guitar. We had a pretty easy time of hitchhiking to Nogales, Arizona. After a few hours the other three joined us and we crossed into Mexico.

    We took a bus to Guaymas and got a room with three double beds for $10 a night. There was a fiesta on and a parade was going down mainstreet in front of our hotel. As we stood on the balcony to watch we noticed that all of the other balconies were occupied by single women waving scarves. We spent the week in a whore house, and it was great. We quickly scored some weed and spent the entire time pretty well stoned.

    It was the trip back however, that unfortunately couldn't be duplicated today.

    We cam back across the border with half a kilo of weed in one of the my travelling partner's purse. We quickly caught a ride with some army guys headed to Fort Huachuca. They were nice enough to dive about 50 mile out of their way to drop us of in Benson, Arizona (on I-10) around midnight. As we were standing in the cool night air with our thumbs out, the local police force showed up and asked to see our IDs. He soon left, but returned about an hour later. He asked us if we wanted to come down to the jail and have some doughnuts and warm up. Naturally we declined. He then said he would stick around and maybe his presence would let people know that we were OK to pick up.

    A few minutes later a big black limousine pulled up and asked if we wanted a ride. It was a Phillipine businessman on his way to El Paso, and was being chauffeured across the Southwest. They drove us to Las Cruces, NM, where he bought us breakfast and said goodbye.

    As we stood along the highway in Las Cruces a State Police officer pulled alongside us and asked for our IDs. He said he had a son attending UNM and that his district wasn't big, but he offered to give us a ride to the end of his territory. As we were nearing it, he spied a car with two younger people in it going by. “I wonder if they will give you a ride?”, he said, as he sped up and turned on his lights and siren.

    Well, what could they do? They gave us a ride for about five miles and then told us to get out.

    We stood for awhile laughing and blessing our good luck, when along came a Frito Van, pulling another Frito Van. This guy was delivering them to Alaska, and didn't mind some company. We told him about our non-stop trip and he asked “Would you guys like something to keep you awake?” He had a HUGE bottle of Black Beauties, so we all sailed back to Albuquerque where we managed to have a good time with the half kilo of smoke.
  2. thats about the most awesome thing ive ever heard in my life
  3. That's the coolest story I've seen since Sarge posted his stories on ADP.

  4. YEA!

    More stories!

    More stories!

    I need to get a old hippee friend of mine to tell the story again of a trip to Dallas, and taking Lee Harvey Oswald's tombstone as a souviner!

    That was a hell of a story!

    What field were you in perfesser?
  5. I was a professor of computer science. And, continued to smoke dope :)

    So much for the idea that mj kills too many brain cells.
  6. I wish I was a hippie back in the 60s.... but alas, I am merely 17....

    Thankyou for the story sir!

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