My First Time Topping PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by CaptHowdy2013, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Hey guys I need to know when I can start to top my girls. Here's the most recent pic of each of them. They are 19 days from the first one sprouting from the cubes.

    I really want to start as early as possible but because I'm an absolute beginner I don't know whether or not they can handle it yet? Should I wait some still?

    Any comments and suggestions would be awesome!!

    Also when am I ok to start LST? I'd like to tie them or bend them or something but are they to small still?

    How many days off am I from really being able to start manipulating safely without causing to much stress or stunting growth for to long?

    Thanks guys!!

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  2. You could top now. Bury up those stems. Fill with medium right unto the bottom set of leaves. You got a bit of stretch goin on there.

    Wait another week or two before any LST. Their stems are still kinda fragile.
  3. Thanks guys I topped 3 of the hydro plants sucessfully and can see 2 little nodes at all 3 topping sites so I am confident the little guys should bounce back in the next few days. I'll wait a week or two and top again I think.

    Unfortunatly for my soil plant I smoked a big bowl right before I topped her.....I did which I would like to refer to as my plant. It's called (fuck I super toppped) my plant and took off the entire main top. Left in the foil is the stem, the 2 small seed leaf things, the second 2 undeveloped leaves and 2 sets of new growth. I took off 2 growing tops when I did this and this plant was much 1 week younger then the hydro plants. Hopefully it lives. I'm sure it will bounce back but I may have stunted it some.

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