My First Time Smoking Weed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Vanimal, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. Tell us about your first time smoking weed.

    My parents were going out of time and Id been looking for some weed for quite a while. I asked one of my friends from school and he gave me his hook up. After my parents had left my younger brother and I set out to get some weed. We paid $75 for 5 grams of Candy Kush. The second my dealer opened the door to the house, I was slapped in the face by the smell of weed. I took it and quick put it in my pocket and didn't even look at it until I got home. At first I thought I had gotten ripped off but ended up getting 4 good nugs, some stems and about half a leafy nug in the bottom of the bag. It was actually really good weed. Me and my bro decided to smoke the stems and bad stuff at the bottom of the bag first. I was rocking a home made gatorade bottle bong and he was using a pill bottle pipe. After about 4 bowls my veins began to dilate and I could feel warmness in my arms. I soon began to feel a tingly sensation in the back of my head and my vision began to pulse. About 5 minutes later I began to get a smile that I could not get off my face. I then looked at my brother and saw his swollen red eyes and began laughing harder than I ever had in my life. I was laughing so hard I was crying and throughout all my life I never heard myself laugh like that. I went inside and for some reason started laughing at my dog. After about ten minutes the giggles stopped and I started signing and dancing and eating. My brother said I was annoying but that's what my first time smoking weed was like. Awesome night.

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    was too long ago, dont remember.
  3. Haha, mine was pretty recent.

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  4. There's already 3 of these topics I know of... You coulda just posted it on one of them. But I'll be a dick if I don't contribute so here's mine:

    I was in school one of my friends asked if I wanted to get stoned, i said yeah and at lunch we smoked a jay of some purple kush I didn't feel anything till I walked into the school and my legs just dropped away I couldn't feel them. I felt so good I just walked around the school for at least 15 minutes till the bell rang I went to my next class and everyone commented on the weed smell so I sketched out till the end of the day

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  5. I thought so so I searched "First time smoking weed." And no threads came up. Idk why.

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  6. Lots of people get the giggles the first time.... just enjoy

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  7. When I smoked weed the first time, it was with my boyfriend when I was fourteen and he was sixteen. We were hanging out at his house and he asked me if I wanted to smoke out of his sisters bong. I went along with it because I was fourteen and "in love". So we went to his sister's room and he loaded a bowl. He told me to breath in for as long as I could while he lit the bowl. I had no idea what I was doing so I just did what I was told. He didn't pull the bowl right away, and when he did, I got a huge hit from a three foot glass bong. I had a fit of coughing and my chest and ears burned. He tried to get me to keep smoking but I refused. Then his dad made hamburgers and I sat in his garage wrapped in a sleeping bag. I felt like a caterpillar. It's funny because that guy and his brother would make fun of me because I didn't know much about weed, and now I smoke dispensary grade weed while I assume they probably still smoke reg.

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  8. My first time smoking I was hanging out with a friend I had known since elementary school. We went for a walk in the woods and he pulled out a joint. He offered and accepted. After that we met up with some other friends and played paintball. I ended up wading through a pond and sneaking up behind the other team on some Rambo shit.
  9. Haha awesome first time!

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    Better than smoking out of a plastic bong. Am I the only one who got the giggles their first time?

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