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My first time smoking...Tips for virgin lungs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by drethesavage, Aug 6, 2012.

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    Im going to be smoking for the first time today with my friend. He smokes on a daily basis and also eats edibles. We've made brownies and ate them but I don't think I got high, the first time we used mid and nothing happened so the next time we used blueberry kush. He claims they fucked him up(he did smoke while we cooked the weed in the oil) but I didn't feel anything other than tingling in my fingers and toes. I really want to get high so I asked him what his favorite thing to smoke is and he said OG Kush. So I read up on it and everyone says it hits veterans hard. So I was wondering, Is it a good idea for me to smoke OG Kush my first time, or should I wait to get something a little less potent?
  2. There's no reason you shouldn't be able to handle it. Take your time toking. Don't let your friend rush you too hard if you think it will be too much when you start feeling it. Just keep an open mind to it and you'll enjoy it. You're just getting high and should have a good time.

    A lot of the first time is attitude. I hear too often of bad first experiences. My first time was thrilling though because I was in a good environment and had a relaxed mind.

    So don't be afraid, take the time you need, have fun, and get blazed.
  3. take a pull and suck it in through your teeth, it goes down much easier.
    - and yes, its good to have a good strain the first few times you smoke. it will be worth it.
  4. you'll be fine dude..

    just take a hit or 2 at first and give it a few minutes and see how you feel.

    no need being a hero and finishing a whole joint/blunt/bowl.. or whatever.
  5. Try not to focus on the high. If you sit there thinking like, 'When am I going to get high, I don't feel high' etc. You don't notice it hit you. If you sit there and just chill listening to music or playing a game you'll suddenly realise you're high as fuck ahaha. Have fun :D
  6. the more potent the strain, the better. Gets you used to it quickly.
  7. Have some kind of distraction. Some people go into super paranoid I can't breath, crazy mode. Like mentioned above, don't just sit and think about it, do something, listen to something, distract yourself and enjoy. If you live where it's safe, go for a walk in a park or something, if there are other people in a dense area you might want to avoid it. We went bowling my first time. Smoke in the car on the way and I felt it about when i bent down to put on my shoes. I'm not sure I bowled or not or if I just sat and hung out. My favorite is a walk in a county park. The kind with wood chip or grass trails, not your urban retreat but a real forest! So fun.

  8. First off, unless you're in a medical state chances are whatever he's getting isn't actually OGK, dealers just like to throw out random names. But if it's dank, it's dank. S'all that matters to me!

    First timer? Take a small'ish bong rip or like 3-4 hits off a joint, wait 5 minutes and see how you feel, then continue. If you smoke too much it can definitely be overwhelming and unenjoyable with no tolerance.
  9. Thanks for the help, I'll tell you all how it goes
  10. Hell yea you'll enjoy it man
  11. Alright, so I take two fairly large hits after about 5 mins or so I feel it kick in. I felt more like I was tipsy than high so I took two more hits. Ten mins after that I really started to feel it. My body felt heavier but my head felt lighter it was weird. After a while I said "F it " and decided to take three big hits. After those last hits my body got even heavier and my head got even lighter, I also felt a throbbing on my leg(almost as if someone was tapping me). I thought I smoked a good amount until my friend called me a light weight and finished the other half of the joint, smoked two more, and took a bong rip. Overall it was an enjoyable experience and I plan to smoke again soon. But I do have another question. Are seven hits from a joint not a lot and Is my tolerance low for a first timer? And thanks to everyone who posted and gave me tips.
  12. Major tip: You dont have to smoke as much as he does. If you are not comfortable with how high you are, stop smoking. If you are feeling great and don't feel the need to smoke more, don't.
  13. Smoking bud is dead on. Smoke til you're happy and back off. I still do that and I'm a total pot head. It's good to be a light weight, just saves you money. :)

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