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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by le4ch, Oct 30, 2003.

  1. I finally got some lights , ( 65watt cf's ) , so i decided that one would be enoguh for my first grow (2 plants) , just as a test run to get the hang of growing... I also have a fan that will be blowing towards the plant and the light 24hours a day and another one to keep the closet area cool .... I also draped a bed sheet over the shelf so that the light doesnt spread to strongly .... ( Could this cause a fire? :/ )

    Well here is my set up :)

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  2. In this picture it shows you where one of the fans is , the purpose of this fan is to keep the grow area as cool as possible ... and it will be set to low 24 hours a day.


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  3. gonna need a few more of those CFLs;)
  4. i was told by shade that i could grow 1 plant per light probably .. the ... thats all i can do right now untill i find some more lamps i can steal from my parents lol ... anyone know where i can buy just light sockets?
  5. it depends on how many sq. ft. 1 of those lights per 18" x 18" are would be bare minimum...
  6. put that light horizontaly mounted, they work much better like that. Looks like you dont have the funds to grow and need to save up a bit. Dont bother until you cna get the right supplies. you might be able to get 2 seedlings to about 3 weeks, anything past that wil take at least 2 more lighs or some tube floros.

    and I dotn think that is a 65w CFl it looks like a 20-23 W, what number are you reading? Is it the compared to incandecant light or is the the actual power consumption? I have a 42 w spiral CFL and its 3" dia and 4" long and thats just the bulb itself.
  7. those are 15w flouresent lights, that have the same light output of a 65w incandesent light;)

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