My first time...PLEASE tell me what you guys think?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by dbolm666, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. hey everyone, this is my first time growing...please if anyone has any tips or advice let me know. Also too, what do you guys think? Sorry I'ma complete noob at

    heres what i'm using...

    Sunleaves-Pioneer IV jr. (my lamp) 4 24w High output, T5 Fluorescent Light

    for dirt/soil I'm using Happy Frog Potting soil

    have a few other little things like

    Terracycle all purpose plant food

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  2. Looks pretty healthy to me. Good job for your first time.
  3. Plants look healthy. You are doing a good job.

    But is that a space heater I see on the floor beside your plant buckets? That's not good. Remove any electrical devices from the grow floor. Try to move it higher in the room.

  4. yeah it is, i keep it on low all the time. why is it not good? can it fuck up my plants? thanks appreciate the help.
  5. I would try to get ur plants closer to the light... Thats a T5 light system so they should be like 4" away.... other then that is that just one plant in the 5 gal bucket?
  6. you might want to watch light penetration thru the sides of that bucket , I doubt it will get much light with a fluro, but if you shift to HPS , you may think about blocking that light from the sides to protect the roots from exposure.
  7. Grow room floors commonly get water spilled onto them. Having electrical devices on the floor could damage the device, or worse, damage you. It isn't going to hurt your plants, but it would be wise to remove it from the floor.

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