My first time on the white pony

Discussion in 'General' started by tobad4ya, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. I paid $80 for 1.1 grams weighed out in front of me. My educated friend said its VERY VERY good coke, best he has come around. Well my other friend is sitting next to me, his first time too, did a line 10 minutes ago not really feeling anything. A little different. My friend is enjoying himself though. I want to do more blow but i cant stand the feeling of it going up my nose, this is my first time snorting any substance of any kind.

    Any tips for first time use?

    Yeah yeah i shouldnt do it often, im going to get addicted, i know blady blady blah. Im a very educated drug user and know all about it, just want some first hand experiences. Here is a pic i just took from my cell phone camera (we are movie stars lol)

  2. Like 5 minutes after your first line your nose should be so numb that the feeling won't bother you.

    Personally I've never had a problem sniffing things, and actually prefer to sniff pills to popping them (depending ont he pill that is).

    I don't know what else to add, I usually pay 50-60 a gram for some fire, but I've paid 80 before.

    Just don't do it more than 4 times in a month and you probably won't be tempted to get addicted. At one point I was doing it friday and saturday of every weekend, but never during the week would I even want to do it.

    So I dunno, everything is fine in moderation, enjoy it and good luck. :smoking::smoking:
  3. DirtyPete is right, if your nose isn't numb yet then it will be after your next line (assuming it's actually good coke) and then snorting probably won't bother you at all.

    Its strange how badly you can want and not want a drug at the same time...
  4. How would i be able to tell if its good coke? I trust my friend he is well educated and i put some on my gums and they went insta-numb. And i feel pretty alright currrently.... lemme do another line and let you know where i am at :)

  5. I dunno, numbness and excitedness is pretty much the only effects it has. First couple times I did it I thought it was shitty because I was expecting to get fucked up, but the fuckedupedness never came, lol.

    I only really do it when I'm drinking now, because after about 10 beers and 5 lines you feel like you're on top of the world. Alcohol makes it's effects way better imo.
  6. lol he got a severe nose bleed on the second one and never made it back on here. jk jk =p
  7. Word. I love doing anywhere from 5-10 lines and then take a shot or 2 of vodka or whiskey after each one, nothing better!!!

    other than that, i don't really do yayo cause i think it's a waste of money w/o alcohol involved
  8. Lol im alive, and in a gooooood place
  9. Hah, glad you're liking it man. I hate uppers but a flight night never hurts every so often. Coke just makes me feel normal, or how I should be normal.
  10. I tried white dust once and I didn't like it, made the whole fucking side of my face numb. I don't really remember how it felt too much though cause I smoked like 3 blunts and drank a ton of beers that night too.
  11. your entire face will go numb, and it will feel almost like your throat is swelling up (its more that its so numb you can't feel it, actually).

    and the reason you aren't feelin it is probably the size of that line. though i understand being cautious and wanting to conserve ($80/g is very expensive)

    [edit]: didn't read all the way down, glad you're feelin like a million bucks
  12. not bad coke but 80 a g is kinda up there (around here that would go for 50-60)

    not really into the blow myself but when my boy buys some im def doing it lol
  13. Don't buy coke. All I gotta say.
  14. Coke is such a treat.
  15. Alright i am back, overall it was a very good experience but kind of disappointing. I thought the coke high would be much better and stronger but eh, my whole face was numb, and i was king of the world for a good hour or so. Then i wasnt... then i did some more... and then i was!

    I sort of want to do more right now but it hurts my nose too much and my other nostril is way too clogged so i guess ill save it for another time, i mean i barely used any from the gram that i got. Maybe like 1/10th so its alll good.

    Thanks for the help! :hello:
  16. Uhhh...

  17. Yeah kinda self contradicting myself but its how i feel. It was pretty strong but i thought it coudlve been stronger, maybe i should slam it, lol jk :smoking::smoking:
  18. If you're not going to do coke to often you should probably do a lot and get the best of it. .1 is weak. Eventually you'll get so up and come down not even wanting more. Atleast I do, I just get content.
  19. If your mouth got really numb really fast (in a matter of say 5 seconds) then its very good coke.
  20. You should be able to look at the coke and see if its good. Any coke can give you a numby. I usually work with the raw. It's all about the color and texture. You'll know from the high and come down too. From the sounds of it at 80/g and only doing it that much it don't sound too bad.

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