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  1. Well I've finnaly taken the plunge into growing and figured my odds would be alot better at getting results if I posted and kept track of what I do and the porgress I see, as well as getting advise from the endless wisdom available in this forum. So where do I start...well the strain is a northern light #5 X with blueberry (at least thats what ive been told). I germinated the seed by soaking it in water over night and putting it in some moist paper towells for 3 days. Then translplanted germinated seed into a 3 gallon pot with a base of perlite, peat moss, and finnaly a combination of potting soil/peat moss/perlite, and finnaly soaking with a couple of glasses of tap water. Poked a half inch hole in center, placed seed and lossly covered, again adding a little water and placed underneath 3 24" floro lights (2 are sho and gro tubes and the other just a floro tube, not sure of wattage or lumens). 3 days later seedling popped up, again lightly waterd and added a cap full of an elixer my friend makes (consisting of miracle grow, blood meal and cigarette ashes boiled together) which makes his plants grow like real weeds. So im posting some pics as well to show my setup and am hoping to hear what im doing wrong or right from you experienced growers. I really appreciate all the help and look forward to keeping everyone updated.


    Here is a pick of my new girl (hopefully) day 7

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  2. Here is a pic of my setup

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  3. Close up of my setup

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  4. When I woke up this morning I took alok at my seedling and she was fine...I put my finger in the dirt to check for water and it seemed rather I put a couple of drops of water around her...about 2 hours later I checked on her and she had wilted to the that over watering or is she in shock from the cap full of elixer (miracle grow and blood meal boiled together) I used on her yesterday...any ideas anyone...
  5. Way too young for any ferts at all....

    wait at least till the 4th or 5th week....

    is it dead?

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