my first time growing it is indoors in a grow box help please

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by smokey1983, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. i need some help on my set up please have a look and tell me wot you think thanks for your time

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  2. this is just till they start then i gonna move them to a bigger grow box
  3. come on people i need input lol !!!!!!!!

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  4. pretty neat, growing in an aquarium. That one tube may not be enough light to keep the plant from stretching. I have read where aluminum foil is not recommended because it can cause hot spots that might burn your plants, but I don't think it will get that hot in there.

    Good luck.

  5. so you think it is ok then or should i change the box i would be greatful for any info on my grow please
  6. It's really not a good idea to keep the aluminum foil but i guess it will have to do till you upgrade your growbox. Your doing ok for now but you should consider changing to something else soon. What are your plans for upgrading?

    If you need a new growbox/cab just go to wal-mart and buy a storage cabinet like this one and customize it to your liking, or you could buy materials from home-depot and build your own one to fit every dimension you need. As for lighting you might also want to buy some lights so when your plants get bigger, you can buy some CFL's (compact fluorescent lights) at a walmart for cheap. There's some that come in 3-packs for about $10.

    Just some ideas,hoped they helped =\
  7. nice box but i am from the uk mate dont think they would ship to me would they and my seeds are kiwi skunk are they any good wot do i use instead of tin foil thanks for the info !!!
  8. you would either use white paint or mylar

    and honestly i dont think those flouro tubes are going to be very good

    get some Cfls and learn low stress training (Lst) theres a thread in the beguinners forum

    then its possible to use that as your grow box for the entire grow
  9. where can i get the bulbs from for cheap i am in the uk thanks for the info
  10. hey smokey, im sure the uk has some type of home improvement store. Just go to your nearest lighting store or a home store to find CFL's. They are the twisty ones, here's an example [​IMG] its mogul base so it fits into the type of socket the UK uses. If you can't find any cheap ones, just search online for some and have them shipped to you. As for the growbox just go to a furniture store or home improvement store and buy a small chest or cabinet and customize it. I found a store online (i googled it) if you don't have one close to you then find one like it :D
  11. can i use this bulb well a couple because they are cfl bulbs as well thanks for info

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  12. great my seed is done and my plant is on the grow great here are some pictures send me some feed back on them please thanks

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  13. tell me if they look ok i think so any info would be great thanks

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  14. Looks fine to me but in the 2nd picture the 2 leafs look droppy, over watering them? Might just be my eyes though. I'm from the uk too and im also growing, first time though.

    I bought a chest cupboard from a 2nd hand shop £69.99 :( thick wood though, growing in the right side of the 3rd door chest cupboard kool ;)
  15. They look good, give 'em a few days and they will start to look better and better :)
  16. yes the seed shell had just droped of and it was holding the leaf down thats all so where in the uk you from mate!!!

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