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My first time buying weed was i ripped off? [with pics]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hopsin, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Yep, looks good to me man! can t go wrong you definitely didnt get ripped off! happy smoking!
  2. that looks like AT LEAST 3 grams. he hooked you up man he seems nice
  3. It looks pretty good bro ! The first time I bought weed it was like .5 weed .5 oregano hahaha.
  4. you got hooked up man, now enjoy!!!
  5. Sick deal!
  6. Good hookup
  7. You didn't get ripped off from what I can tell. Looks like 2 grams or so which is pretty damn good for 20 bucks around here. No its not the dankest of the dank but it looks like good mids for sure :wave:
  8. what is that, monopoly money?
  9. Well he's in Canada, especially in either British Columbia or Quebec, that would be missing a gram or two, and would be better quality.

    In those two provinces, if you're not getting 3.5 of FIRE for 20$, you don't know the right people.
  10. Pretty good hookup if you ask me.
  11. Looks around 2.5-3 you got hooked up fat
  12. You lucky bastard. I just realized you are form Canada where the weed is dank and cheap.
  13. that's nice you ungrateful bastard

    smoke it and stop bitching
  14. You didnt get ripped off at all. Looks like some decent MidGrade bud right there. I'd said anywhere from 1.5-2.5 gs. (guessing, idk how dense it is & what not) but deffinetly enjoy my friend.
  15. & also deffinetly not regs. looks like some drizz or something. Looks decent. You'll enjoy yourself with what you got. & id say it was deffinetly worth $20
  16. thanks guys i guess he is a good guy after all... cant wait to smoke this tonight
    and yea im from british columbia :)
  17. Dude you're chill.

    Definitely didn't get ripped off.

    I'll bet that lasts you a while considering you've never smoked before.
  18. Looks a like a hell of a lot more than that bro.
  19. Some good looking bud :)
    Tell him 'thank you'.

  20. He's just asking since it's his first time buying. How would he know?
    Chill out dude.

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