My first time blowing Og kush c:

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  1. You guys are gonna love this shit lol its my first post also guys :wave:
    So bout a week ago my dealer calls me up and tells me he has some "blue dream" and "Og kush". I listen to alot of Wiz so i jumped in my truck and got a nice fat 20's worth. Shit is about to get interesting
    Alright so i come home and take a nice hit from the handy ol' bong and get baked like the sun. Well after 2 hits my lighter runs out of fluid. Fuck my life
    At this point i wanted more of my new herb i have heard so so much about so i got some peanut butter and did a bit of bakeing and ended up with a nice P+B and J c: o lord..
    I had to go to school at 10:00 and it was 9:45 so i ate the sandwich..
    Holy fucking shit i felt like gods halo i could not talk i could not walk straight i only good smile and nod my teachers asked me if i was okey and i replied with "im really good" i could comprehend everything and give examples on collage levels. My eyes looked like i was a demon with all the red (the most red i have ever had) but my friend spotted me some clear eyes and that did not even clear it up all the way)
    I made 4 "a+'s" that day lord i was feeling like God himself
    The girl i have always liked is now my girl because of OG
    I really wish North Carolina would make bud legal but legal or not im still going to smoke it c: Fuck you Congress:smoking::wave:
  2. Damn im stoned and this made me laugh way too hard lol
  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! I absolutely love the high you get from OG kush, can't wait until I'm able to grow my own.
  4. Weed - It can fix the world's problems if you just shut the fuck up and listen to us while we explain this sciency shit you don't really like to you.

    Sadly, a lot of politicians went to big university's...You're led by idiots.

    And before someone comes in and chirps about how weed isn't a "Miracle drug." Listen: The economy is on shaky knees, within a year marijuana could bring the upwards of billions of dollars to an already dying economy. And that is really just taking into the tax, not the number of shit you can make with marijuana, hemp, hell...You can even make shit out of the stems and leaves.

    Stop leading me into the ground, take your head's out of your asses...And turn my fuckin' country around before we all fall into anarchy.

    Or fall into anarchy, I'd fuckin' thrive in anarchy.:cool:
  5. Any low profile ways i could grow? Dont gotta be OG
  6. We have an excellent section dedicated to it...I don't visit it, but have heard good things about it.


  7. "My eyes looked like I was a demon" that's cause you're true self comes out when you are high . And I'm a demon slayer so next time I see you I'm gonna slay your ass ^^
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    Thanks for the story man. I laughed hella hard at the title. The only use of the term "blowing" i hear of usually is sucking dick, so i just imagined op being like "my first time i sucked off og kush".

    Its a beautiful story of how young OP ventures into the ghetto and meets a black gangster named og kush and is forced to blow him at gunpoint

    On the real tho, no need to post this twice man. Youre new so im giving you a heads up it bothers other people, not to mention the mods when you repeat post a thread to get it seen, especially if its kinda pointless like this. Not being a dick, just letting you know. Unless youre a troll. Then god damn it
  9. sorry mate i did not know i posted it twice, will keep that in mind

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