My first time, and my REAL first time.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by matto, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. I feel bad about my first time smoking, which was last year. My friend made an apple-bong, but I suppose it was poorly made. It was really hard to smoke the bud. I think I felt it a little, but hardly noticeable compared to the high I usually get from even just a few hits.

    Anywho, the time I consider to be my first REAL time was pretty tight. It was also last year, like a few days after the fake time. This took place in San Francisco, and some friends and I all went to Stern Grove and lit up. If I recall correctly, we were all sitting around in a circle on the grass somewhere and one of my more experienced friends rolled a joint. Passed it around. Then we did two bowls in a pipe. I know it's not a lot, but I was very inexperienced at the time.... Anyway, we all sat around for a while talking. Every time I stood up it was amazingly hard to orientate myself, so I ended up just sitting down.

    After a while of just chilling, some people left and others came. That's a funny sounding sentence. So two more girls showed up, and we lit up another two bowls. There was probably 4-5 of us at this time. Somehow I got to a cafe and ate a brownie or something with the guy who rolled the joint earlier. He's probably my best stoner-buddy to this day still. I ended up getting home on the bus (I think) and falling asleep without talking to my parents.

    That's how I got into marijuana. It was tight!
  2. Smoking Buddies are the best, period.
  3. That wasn't very exciting :(. But neither was my first time I guess.

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