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My first tattoo!

Discussion in 'Tattoo, Piercings and Body Art' started by SUBLIMEtreat, May 17, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    You can't really see it well in the picture because the picture quality is shitty, but there it is! Figured I would share it with Grasscity because I'm excited about it! :D It's simple, but I wanted simple, and it's probably the only tattoo I will be getting... at least for a while!

    It says Jai guru deva om... which literally translates to mean "I give thanks to the Dev/the heavenly teacher." But my interpretation is a little difference, more along the lines of "I give thanks to God."

    It's a quote from Across the Universe by The Beatles!

    Tell me what you think!
  2. I like the location you picked to place the tattoo

  3. Haha gee thanks!
  4. Nice, it is always great when you pick something that means something personal to you :smoke:
  5. should took the bra off also
  6. Am I the only one who hasn't had a good look at the tattoo or know what it is, but looked at the picture like 3 times?
  7. I like the location, I think rib/side tattoos are some of the best especially when it's flowing script like yours. Nice!
  8. I bet you get a lot of rep for this thread
  9. :metal:looks good!! you ready 4 more yet?
  10. That's hot. The tattoo is nice too.
  11. that looks good i love rib tattoos definitely the sexiest place for a tattoo. people complain about the pain but its totally worth it the second its over. also they re addicting watch out.
  12. Thanks for all the kind words. :D:wave:

    I would love to get another one, but I think I'm sticking with just this one for now!! I'm scared I'm gonna turn into a tattoo junkie haha. :-O

    I must say the pain for me was actually like non-existent. It was maybe a 2/10, 1 being no pain and 10 meaning unbearable pain. So, I was pleasantly surprised at that. They're definitely addicting, though... I'm already inclined to get another actually... but don't think I will for a while if at all. Plus they are too expensive!!
  13. The Tattoo itself is beautiful.

    The meaning behind it is even more beautiful.

    And last but not least you are fucking beautiful :D

    That was a just an overall elegantly sexy picture...
    P.s. The Beatle rock!

  14. yah i have a couple hours on my rib and i thought it was no biggie, it was after a day of classes and sleep deprivation ( im a borderline insomniac, im sure if you looked at a textbook i actually am) and i almost fell asleep during

  15. Thank you!! I'm glad you think so, means a lot to know you like the idea. :D And yes, the Beatles rock!

    So true. This tattoo was clearly not a long tattoo at all, but even for the 30 minutes I was getting it I was about to fall asleep! It was pretty relaxing. I probably sound like a freak to some but I would probably enjoy getting an entire rib piece... It's pretty relaxing!!
  16. 9/10 tattoo
    9/10 body

    shiiit i don't see girls getting meaningful tattoo's that often, this ones goood you should be proud, plus your body is ridiculous ;) haha

  17. Hahaha thanks bud
  18. looks sick always liked that calligraphy style of writing
    stay high duces
    dayuum your fine had to sorry haha stay high
  19. Love your tattoo, good location, nice script, great meaning. Well done for a first piece. Congrats!
  20. Yeah that Tat is dope for your first one,you'll have to show me your other ink sometime (;

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