my first stealthy cfl experiment grow

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  1. Hey guys, thought id start a journel as im growing a plant. Hopefully learn something for my next grow.

    Im under certain constraints. It had to be uber stealthy as i have inspections from the landlord so i found somewhere perfect.

    Im using a cupboard in my storage room and the setup is proper ghetto lol so no criticisms =P

    its one of three random seeds and its basically a tester until i can get a better grow going (in this same cupboard might i add).

    The soil is some random soil i picked up. The lights are 3 cfls at around 1300 lumins each. Im hoping to add another tomorro.

    Basically going 18/6 and watering every 4 days (finger dipped in an inch of the soil).

    The seed was planted on the 8th of january and poped in the 10th. Im showing pics from day 14 which is today and updating every 5 days or so.

    I dont kno the sex as of yet but basically experience is what im after, and hopefully for a second grow with fem seeds. But if it is female then hopefully some bud =D

    when will i be able to tell sex and how long should i veg for?

    Thanks very much

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  2. im using 3 32 watt cfls lol sorry
  3. mine have been vegging for about 43 or so days and have yet to show sex. So depending on the strain, i'd guess almost two months before you can tell
  4. are they looking ok for 14 days? I dunno lol
  5. Looks good, mine is 26 days old and is roughly the same size under 2 23w cfls 
    Im going to wait another month to flower.

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