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My first stash post **Unknown no name danks UPDATED 2/8** - WHERE TN FOLKS AT????

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by funkytrees865, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. #1 funkytrees865, Jan 16, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 8, 2010
    Ok so i've never done this before, on grasscity or any other website. but i did take a pic or two of some chronic me and my friends just picked up. Nothing special , but it smokes super well and smells nice and fruity. we never have names for our buds down here but its always this quality or better, unless its around summer time. Tell me what you think, would love to hear tips on taking pics of the bud and such, and if you like the chron. Anyways, get high friends and enjoy the pick up.
    Name: ??
    Location: Knoxville, TN
    Price: 60 an 1/8th

    Imageshack - img2956z.jpg
    happy nugs
    Imageshack - img2955t.jpg
    Imageshack - img2952h.jpg

    enjoy much love friends
  2. a very respectable post, damn nice bud. TN REPRESENT
  3. Great post man, and bud looks good! + rep for you my friend.

    Enjoy, and keep on toking!! :smoking::)

  4. thanks will do I am about to toke a late night one to get to sleep :)
  5. Nice eighth man, those buds look happy indeed. +rep,
    Enjoy man...
  6. nice budd. TN REPRESENT 865 :smoking:
  7. more pics coming soon just picked up some new nuggs
  8. Nice! I'd almost bet money i'm smoking on the same buds.
  9. u have some nice lookin nugz.. smoke on!

  10. just picked up an 8th of this tonight and woo its good,sweet and stanky, no medical grade but its niiiiiice



    Imageshack - img2959p

    Imageshack - img2961

    tell me what you guys think!
  11. keep blazin my friend
  12. looks like the same buds im smokin i live in nashville
  13. Dude, FunkyTrees......I'm from Knox, TN. What school did you go to in Knox?

  14. Just graduated bearden last month. Bout to start ut
  15. new pick up pics posted soon
  16. new buds tried to get the imgs on a dif site so they'd show up





    enjoy and smoke on GC

  17. this is some mega funk it tast like citrus ice cream
  18. Pretty dang close.

  19. just picked up some instense shit pics up soon
  20. [​IMG]


    this bud my friends is some fucking kill

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