My first (sorta) grow with bagseeds.

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    Well I've grown once before with no investment on lights and ended up with 2 grams dried after 4+ months   :rolleyes: but learned a lot after that and been studying, getting ready for this grow. I started off with 28 seed and 2 clones some died due to lighting stretch and frying(too close) but I needed the space anyway  :p . I now have 20 seedlings and 1 clone between 3-14 days old and some more might get plucked depending on how healthy they look.
    I am growing in coco coir watering whenever dry around 2-3 days now for most of them (I didn't add cal-mag+ yet just using distilled water I'm to about add KIND nutes next feeding without base just veg and cal-mag+) I used rhizo gel on the clone and waited 1 week before giving her low strength veg nutes and rhizo root growth she doesn't look good but I got her from a 2 week flowering mom anyway. I'm using a t8 cool white spectrum for now i got a 2ft 8 bulb t5 but i don't wanna use it (doesn't make a big diffrence at this stage)only reason I got it was because it was a steal, I think I'll put them right under a 1000 watt mh when there ready instead of light staging ex. T8 ,T5, 400 mh ,1000 mh their on 18/6 now. I got a fan on them now so I'll see if that helps any. I'm probably going sea of green with this but i guess i'll see how they'll grow I might Lst and Hst them or both.​


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  2. Your styrofoam cups need some drainage, poke a hole in those cups. In fact you should have bought some pro mix instead of coco coir. This would allow for you to not feed for at least three weeks. Adding nutes this early is a tricky game, do you have a ppm pen? You need one for growing with coco coir, a ph pen or test kit is also important. Coco coir is pretty much growing hand water hydro style. When in bigger contained make sure you add perlite for drainage. This is really important, coco retains salt from added nutes. Feed nutes once a week and when watering make sure you get 25-30 percent runoff. Flush when switching between veg and flowering nutes. Checking your outgoigg ph later on will become important as coco is known for ph problems. The upside to growing in coco is that it allows for faster growth if you can manage your plants.
    From your pictures I can see the girls look either nute burned while others look over under watered. Added drainage as mentioned above will help. Keep ppm at like 100-200 right now. Again add some drainage holes to cups.
  3. Seems like youre experimenting.

    Feel free to ask any questions if you have any. Dont want to shove advice down your throat if ya dont want it.

    Youll figure it all out eventually, ya got enough that things can go wrong and youll still be fine imo
  4. I say that's all sound advice though I already added drainage, I choose coco coir  (wanted perlite but store was sold out at the time) , because of it hydro quality's and washed it 4 till clear before germ and sow, I was going to wait til they start yellowing a bit till nutes ,and like I said some have light burn (like nute burn) and watered whenever the cup is feeling light and top dry over an inch. Thanks for the advice, I will get a ppm pen soon .
  5. i have a question i was transplanting my plant and broke all the roots off but the main one and now it look like this. it's 25 days old

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  6. do I leave it alone and let it repair itself?
  7. Hi all I'm a first timer.
    Right now she is roughly 12-14
    And I am getting ready to take her and start her flower stage
    I am currently using a t5 seeding/cut bulb.
    She's been under it sense she sprouted her first set of leaves.
    .any hoo
    When it comes to lighting for a single plant
    I am trying to decide weather or not to change her bulb to a full spectrum led bulb.
    For flower any ideas or info would be fantastic
  8. Also I have her in my bedroom with my door shut and my room thermostat is set at exactly 73 degrees.

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