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  1. I'm sure this thread has been created before but hey... i'm just chillin boared and i'm gunna tell you guys about the 1st time i smoked because it was a pretty cool experience ...share yours also...

    about a year and a half ago...

    My friend asked me to go half with him on a bag... it was some good haze.... so i did it... he twisted it up and we smoked that shit it was probly the quickest i've ever smoked a blunt till this day i mean we werent talking at all just puff puff puff pass
    than after taking 5 or 7 shotties off the roach we finished smoking and i began my journey home (not feeling any effects what so ever..) i had to take the bus with a friend of mine so i'm on the bus (it's jam fuckin' packed with people so i have to stand) i really dont feel anything so i think nothing of it ... all of the sudden i feel like my body is fuckin ROCKIN back and forth and i feel almost like i only have a head and i start to get paranoied this was somthing i've never felt before like while i was blazed i was just thinkin to myself now i know what people mean when they say.. bein blazed is undescribable you just gotta experience it for yourself... i finally get a seat on the bus at this point i'm on another fuckin planet i feel like everyone on the bus is talking so fuckin loud (i'm sure it was pretty loud) then i start getting a feeling like my spit is going *DROOP DROOP DROOP* down my throat and i'm trying to explain this and hes just like what the fuck is wrong with you? and i can hear this music in my head it sounds so vivid and its just a repeteing beat i wish i could remember it...

    so i finally make it to my stop and i figure its time for a little munchies so i go grab some food... still feeling fucking blitzed out of my mind i head home on my own i make it thare then lay in my bed watching TV ... omg i wish i still got highs like this today i remember watching TV and it was almost like a dream or somthing it seemed to make no sense.. but it was still so exciting to do ... i ended up passing out waking up late that night met up with some girls drank a bit and had a good time...

    i'll tell you guys this much...

    i'll never ever forget the 1st time i smoked the sweet cheeba :D
  2. Damn dude, that's badass. The first few times I smoked I didn't get I high at all, just a wee bit of a head rush. I do remember the first time I got fucking baked, though. My friend just smoked me out in his massive maze of a backyard and we were in the living room playing Halo. I didn't feel anything at first. His mom was with us just talking, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I just started laughing my ass off. I seriously couldn't stop. I was thinking to myself, stop laughing retard stop laughing, but my body was like... whatever. After a couple of minutes his mom started to look at me wierd and then she went to go do... something, I'm not sure. Anyways, my friend nailed me in the stomach.... and I still couldn't stop laughing.

    Ahhh, good times.

    // edit

    Lay off the ganga for a week and then smoke the best shit you can get your hands on. I did that and I swear to fucking god I had music playing in my head that rivaled pink floyd
  3. same here i smoked a few times before that experience but i didnt really feel to much i think maybe because it was some middies but that time it was some fuckin dank ...

    ahh i love marijuana
  4. dude everytime i smoked i got like that. then my friend started just chillin when he was high and didnt like it when i was all giggly and fun and ever since i started chillin my high has never been the same (not as good) the first few times you get high are always the best
  5. my first time actually gettin high i was all chillin with my friend n shit n we smoke under this tree then we started walkin to this chick's house n i was startin to feel it and then we walked over to this chick's house n we chilled there talkin to her sister n shit (her sister's like 4 lol). then her sister starts sayin whore over n over again it was pretty funny. then finnally the chick comes out sowe walk around n it was cold as fuck. wait i was on my bike too. so then we walk around a bunch n i think we ended up in a park or sumthin. so we sit on the swings n i thought that my friend was a dog for a sec it was pretty trippy. so then we smoked then i was all like i gotta go. then i forgot why they couldnt smoke anymore, cuz it was my pipe so after they explained that for awhile i was like o right so we smoked another bowl. then i was like k i gotta go. so we peaced it n the kid walked me back cuz i couldnt remember where to go lol. then i got home n did homework n went to bed.

    it was really cold though so that time kinda sucked.

    my favorite was when me n my buddy went to tim horton's n then we went home n then he kept walkin but i was like dude your house is that way and he was like yeah the roads connect n i was like "what?" then he explained for a while again n i was all appologizin n shit. then he was like "it's okay we're both high". it was pretty fun.

    o yeah i made a stashbox it's pretty sweet i'll post a picture later.

  6. Damn i dont even remeber my first time smokin...
  7. My first few times smoking I didn't get high, so I was doing the afterschool special with my friends in the backyard one day. I figured I'd try it until I felt something before I made me decision on it. Well, we smoked a few bowls and I'm not feeling a single thing. But i had to piss like hell, so i remember getting up and walking the 30 feet inside and into his bathroom. While I'm walking in the backyard I'm thinking to myself, "damn nothin' again." And then as soon as I reached the door, I realised it... I was floating 10 feet fucking in the air. It was trippy as hell, if elt so fucking high up, and I'm looking down at the ground as I walk into the house... omg, what a rush. That was a blast.
  8. Once, when I was a fairly new smoker, a friend and myself had smoked ... I was trippin -- but anyways -- We went back to her house so she could get something, and as I was waiting for her her little brother (who was about 3 at the time) came and started talking to me. This was actually a common occurance but normally I'd only be able to make out a few words and even then nothing he said made sense. Well this day ... being stoned out of my mind I understood eveything he was saying to me. She ended up taking a while b/c she was talking to her parents and I had a very insightful conversation with her little brother for about 15 minutes ... (well maybe it wasn't that long ... who knows it felt like a long time ...) lol and then my friend and her sister come in the room and ask who I'm talking to and I told then and then I started trying to talk to her brother again ... but I couldn't understand him anymore :confused: It was very depressing to me and until my high wore off I thought that this 3 yr old boy was playing a sick and twisted game on me .... Everyone else thought I was crazy though eh I don't care --- I miss trippin out like that:smoking:
  9. I smoked a little bit in Jr. High and in high school but I always was afraid to get high. So I'd only take a hit or two and stop. My first real high experience was in college. The guy that lived next door to me on my floor was a huge smoker and only moved to his closest friend. This guy and I developed a pretty good friendship and he gave me an 8th for free to smoke (he really was a very nice guy). Needless to say later on that day my roommate and I went to our fraternity house and blazed it up with some of our brothers that were/are huge stoners. I pulled out my baggy filled with weed and everyone's jaws dropped (I thought I was given mid grade weed). What I had in my hands was some super fine weed with neon red hairs and you could literally pull the crystals off of it. Looking back that was some of the finest weed I've ever smoked in my life. It was kind of a waste to use that weed on someone as inexperienced as myself at that time. While blazing we smoked 6 bowls and I started to hear strange noises and a delay in people's voices. I began to read a book on laying on the table next to me and page's color turned green and everything looked like it was moving in stop motion. Pretty crazy. I wish I could still get that high. I've smoked way too much in my life to ever get that way again.
  10. first time was when i was was in Ecuador, south america (where btw it is so so so so cheap).....i really felt i was growing wings and that i was some sort of dragon.....shit i was so real that if i had acces to a window from a building i wud have jump convinced i cou have fly away lasted over 7 hours definetly not for u 18.......:hello:
  11. Never change how you act high man, if my friend looked at me angrily Id pretend I was tripping and attack him lol
  12. ahahaa my first time i was fucking lit lit lit lit lit. i took like 15- 16 hits from a hookah wtf i had picture frame sight an my body was movin faster then my brain told it to that was the most lit ive ever been
  13. I do remember the first time i smoked, but like most i didnt get high.. I do remember the first time i got high! It was great... i was at a friends house, whose parents were out of town.. I walk into his pimp room... and it looks like the lights are dim, but thats just because they are pretty much bakin in his room.. walkin and you can barely see the hand in front of your face.. It was awesome..
    So I start smoking with them and everything is gettin a little weird.. The phone starts ringin, and they think its his parents.. The phone was next to me and all the guys were like "DUDE, Eric grab the phone and throw it here!" it took me like 10 minutes to find the phone.. They were like.. "whats on the caller I.D.??" and it had some hardass name on it.. so i'm like... "Ugh.. numbers" but i said it really retarded and everything.. so a few guys call me Numbers now.. thats where the s/n is from! Great times! After that day, i havent looked back! :bongin:


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