My first SLIP UP

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  1. So up untill today I have keept my game tight. But today the day after 4/20 I have slipped up. It all started when my friend came over, I asked him if he wanted to smoke a bowl. He asked if my mother was still home she had just pulled out the drive way. So I go and grab my jar of weed witch has over 28grams in it of BC nugget. We then break down and pack are bowls. My grandma is staying with us for a cupple of days and she has a cat, i realized i havnt gotten the cat high yet so we decide what the hell:p. After getting the cat and are selfs high we. Rush out the door in a hurry to get over to this girls house. About 2 hours after we left my mom calls me and asks me whats in the jar sitting on the table, My grandma comments that its some ingrediant for something i was taking about earlyer, my mom quickly dismisses this, She then tells me to be home at my regular time and will show me what it is when i get home. I have now been in my house for 20 min she has said whats going on to me but thats it. I don't know how I should handle this. Should I go and tell her that I smoke a gang of Weed or do I say I grew it last summer and have some left? Needless to say I really want it back! :devious: Sorry about the long post but i need some help
  2. tisk tisk..... you need to learn to not carry around more than ur gunna smoke... you shoulda just grabbed a nug n pocketed up... but uh, other than that... i say go downstairs and demand that shit back, explain to your mom that pot is harmless, and that as long as ti doesnt effect your life, its no different than an adult having a glass of wine @ dinner.... (Slightly... but ya know... same concept)
  3. Claim it's for medicinal uses or make up an imaginary person and tell your mom it was his/her stash and say if you dont give it back your gonna get shot by them or something. haha might work ;).
  4. say it's a kitchen ingredient you need to bring to school to give to your friend you bought at the grocery store and say you forgot what it's called because you wrote it on a slip of paper and threw it away

    worth a shot...
  5. She is a Nurse and has smoked weed before, was the first one to tell me brownies in deed do get you high. I think she had a suspision of me smoking but now its ROCK HARD. I have talked to her before about smoking and she knows that there arent any real side effects from it. Might just look like its time to take a break and get my grades up past Par...

    Smoken Souljah: Its hard to pick out a small .5 nugget with all the buds in the jar, ones had is to big to fit inside.
    nelswick: I also might just claim that it helps my Knee, I just got done with physical thearopy for it today. And also with my Sleeping, was on sleep meds for a while...
    naughtyneighbor: It was in a jar I got from her...
  6. wow dude that sucks. there was no conversation starter for my parents. i left a half o in the basement and they gae it back to me. it was all good :smoke:
  7. man if she is open enough to talk about eating it and told you she smoked, and age isnt an issue here, i would just be honest and explain to her that you blaze. if she's open-minded about it she'll give you back your bud and tell you to be safe.

    also man, don't say you grew it last summer. that lets her know that you put her in risk by growing it on her property (i'm assuming you did if you live there). you don't want to let her know that.
  8. well, you're mom seems pretty ok with it, her being an ex=pothead herself, im sure if you just be honest and tell her whats up, shell give it back. just be like, well you can give it back or we can smoke together. either way im just gonna buy more.
  9. Age isnt an issue, Im pretty sure she will give it back. I talked to her twice so far and she has not said anything about it:rolleyes:. I think she wants me to come to her about it:mad:. But its a good thing I had a special saving sack or else i wouldn't be high right now:smoking:... I would have simply told her i grew it at a park close by:p. Buy more... my plants are close to being done:).(they are at a friends house)
  10. seems like this won't be a big deal, ur mom seems pretty mellow and best she knows that it is NOT that bad for you. like othere where they would put crack/cocane as the same as weed.
  11. get that shit back before she smokes it all !!!!!
  12. TeSupo, that image in your sig made me laugh :p

    Your mom sounds chill enough to know it's no bad for you, if you just approach her, everything should be peachy :p

    I wouldn't put it past her to smoke it either ;) Or bake it in some brownies ;D
  13. classic "whoops"

    ive doen the same thing except i left a bong sittin in the kitchen.... TWICE :(
  14. just tell her you smoke weed. She caught you, just up and admit it and say you're not ashamed of it because it's harmless, which it most definately is. Make sure to emphasize this fact to her and point her in the direction of various websites, etc.

    Specifically wikipedia, which has many many MANY reliable resources on the subject. I would like to point out that marijuana's toxicology is nearly harmless when compared to almost any other substance. It is relatively benign to the health of the user.
  15. my mom didn't know i smoked, and she fouynd my stash 1 day before going away to university. how fuckin unfortunate is that? luckily she doesn't care, it's actually better that she knows
  16. do what i did when i got caught, tell her how much the bud is worth and ask for it back so you can sell it and at least get your money back... obviously u smoke bud if you a)have a jar of it and/or b) grew it
  17. Exactly what I thought.
  18. Ok Well If your 18 or older(which you have to be to be on the site)then just tell your parents its your weed and you smoke,your a legal adult its not like they can ground u anymore,,,and unless your parents are complete bitches they wont call the cops on you....
  19. So, if by chance you haven't talked about it yet, what would happen if you just kept avoiding talking about it? Let your mom start thinking, "What the hell's up with that? He's not talking about it. I've got his jar of weed! He must want it back. What am I gonna do with a jar of weed?!" Wonder if it would make her make the first step toward talking about it... :D :cool:

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