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My First Setup

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by elmomcpot, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. So tonight the lights went out on the girls for the first time, flowering stage has begun. I forgot to take a picture before the lights went out, i will remember to do that when the lights come back on. everything is going great, the LSTing has really paid off so far, alot of new shoots are coming where i lost leaves and i can count at least 10 future bud sites on each plant, so the next few weeks should be pretty exciting. if these really are sour d seeds i should be expecting a harvest before thanksgiving, in which case i will have much to be thankful for :)
  2. so i have been lazy with my updates, but at least i brought pictures this time.
    This is after our first week at 12/12. i still have another two weeks until i can add nutrients, but they are already shooting up like wild fire. All the girls are showing hairs and im seeing more and more white hairs every evening when the lights come on. No issues so far, i think one might have a slight nitrogen deficancy, but it has only claimed one leave partially and with me being so close to adding nutrients i am going to hold off to see if that will fix it with out me having to fuck with it too much.
    The cloning processes went to shit for me a little i think. I took 9 shoots from my 4 girls and so far 2 have died out. I have two definates that made it and are now in 1 gal pots (new journal and pics to come in my sig soon) and the other 5 are showing some (and i mean SOME) signs of life so i will give them another week to start growing again or they become compost.
    other than that, i still havnt ordered my flowering tent (im using my closet as a temporary veg area for the new clones) so i am stuck using my 4 foot tall veg tent until i do. hopefully thats in the next few weeks cause im not sure what i will have to do if my girls out grow the area. but these are problems i am ok with having :)
    here is a picture of each of the girls then a nice layout of all 4
  3. So the girls are looking great!
    They are growing like crazy now, im definatly going to have to buy a bigger tent in the next few weeks (probably when i get paid) or we will be screwed. But they are starting to form some beautiful flowers and are making my lungs ache to smoke them more and more.
    [​IMG][​IMG] We are in week three of flowering, just five-seven short weeks to harvest, cant wait.
  4. Looking good brotha. Interested to see what type of weight you get with this light.
  5. you and me both homey. Im glad i did the LST, there are so many cola sites. i cant wait to see how the explode when i add nutrients in a weekish.
  6. the girls look really good I am thinking about buying one of those tents but I have no idea where to start, about how much are they?
  7. They aren't very expensive at all. You can get a pretty big one on amazon for like 50$.
  8. i got mine from htgsupply. the package is called "the mother keeper". came with my tent (4ftx2ftx4ft tall) the t5 light system, environment monitor, and a 80cfm fan (i replaced with a 160cfm just cause i wanted more air flow, and a small desk fan for air movement. was only 299$ and took a week to ship here. after that order i have used HTG Supply for everything, they are great.

    so for the update on my girls: they are still flowering like a mofo. Its so amazing everynight i turn the lights on and see the flowers a little bit bigger each day. Just last night i started to notice the tricomes with my naked eye. the leaves near the top flowers on each branch are starting to look like they are covered in suger (easiest way to describe it) when i first noticed it i thought it was something fucked up, got out the 30x micro scope and saw the crystals plain as day, almost fell over was so shocked!
    Been debating about nutrients, the original plan was just to add nutrients to make it flower bigger, but have slowly come to the decision that i think im going to let them grown naturally. because of some other things going on in my life ( if anyone really wants to know keep an eye on my blog and i will post sometime soon about beyond organic farming) i am going to let nature do its thing. So i will just make sure that they dont develope an deficencies and see how big they get. This also gives me a good base line for yield (even though the LST is going to inflate the numbers) without nutrients, so when what i can expect from this strain. Hopefully i get my second journal going soon (the two clones are just days away from flower, just been lazy about making the journal) and if all goes as planned, the perpetual harvest will be in full swing by next month.

    According to what i have read, i am about 5 weeks away from harvest, so the excitment is building like crazy. Thankfully i planned early enough so that i will have much to be thankful for this thanksgiving :)
    middle of week 5. Things are looking great. one girl has slight leaf curl, i will keep an eye on her but its new today and today was watering day so it could be she was thirsty. Thanks to everyone who is still sticking around.
  10. sweet, i been lookin forward to see how the LST is going and that seems to have paid off!
  11. it sure has. i havnt counted yet, but i would guess i have 15ish tops per plant.
  12. So tuesday was the begining of week 8 of flowering for my girls. According to anything i have read i still have about a week and some change for sour d so things are getting exciting. All of them look amazing and they are all covered in a nice haze from all the crystals. god i cant wait to smoke them.
  13. First night into week 9 and i check the girls (three hours agoish) and roughly 75-80% tricomes were amber! Harvest offically started a little over an hour ago, almost finished with the girl on the far left of all my profile pics of the grow tent. Pics to come after harvest is all over! I cant wait to show you guys! Exciting times!

  14. these ladies are looking quiet tastie >=)
  15. they actually turned out VERY tasty. i am quite impressed with how strong they are, alot better than the bag i got them from tbh.
  16. Thanks to everyone that followed the grow. I closed down the photo sharing i used to host the pics (dont need incriminating shit all over the net). I appreciate everyone that helped, really made my first time doing this enjoyable. Final weight on the four main girls and then the two clones that actually made it to harvest was 5.5 ounces. I was very happy with the results and cant wait to start again. Again i cant thank all of you enough, happy smoking.

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