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  1. So we have finally been able to move my girls out of the closet and into a new spot...



    It finally came in the mail today!

    So the girls are looking better after getting the PH balanced, but if i dont fix the magnesium deficiency (at least that's what i think it is) soon, i will lose more leaves, i have already had to trim off 2 sets of dead leaves from some of them. Hopefully the Epsom Salt will be here by Monday.


    Can't wait to see how the new lights help the girls. I still have my CFL's (4x300w replacement 65w equiv.) I might add them later once the canopy starts to take shape.

    oh yea, they are 7 Sour D Bag seeds. so im hoping for at least 4 girls, but 7 would be nice lol.

    anything else just ask. This is my first legit grow so all advice is welcome.
  2. how did you get that many ripe seeds in sour diesel?!
  3. not really sure. A buddy was saving up his seeds from all the Sour d he got, and then gave me 8 seeds when i told him i wanted to grow. Worked out i guess :)

  4. that is so sick, hes not expecting any of it is he? :)
  5. we have an arrangement :) but i do get a Large benefit lol
  6. So i checked the girls today, 2 days after moving to the new tent and watering and im starting to get scared they might dieing. The yellowing in the leaves is getting worse and if my epsom salt doesnt get here soon i fear the next watering might kill them. I tried to find some at walmart, but all they had was the scented bath kind, and there is no way im putting that in with my girls. I guess this what i get for starting before having everything set, beginner mistake number one. Oh well, if they die, it just means i will actually have to order some seeds. cant complain about that :)
  7. finally got the epsom salt today


    It says to use 1/2 cup per gallon of water, but i have seen everyone cut the recommended nutrient dose by a quarter so i think i should do that with the salt. If anyone knows the right answer, im all ears. I'm also transplanting all 7 out of cups and into 1 gal pots. I will take pics in a day or two after they have had time to recover a little.
  8. So i watered them again with another 1/8c of epsom salt. they are already looking better since the first epsom salt feeding. Alot of the lower leaves died because of the magnesium deficiancy, but i think i managed to save them all, which is good in the end. They all have new growth and they are getting their color back. here are some pics.


    in other news, the flowering rig should be getting ordered soon, so i will have separate areas for veging and flowering, should be a good time.
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    Growth on my tallest
    lost 4 sets of leaves on this plant due to the magnesium deficancy, nice to see new growth happening here. This is the bottom of the plant pictured above.
    More new growth coming in thick and tight.
    p#'s 1-4
    p#'s 5-7
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    checked on the girls this morning and i am 100% sure that we are out of the woods with the magnesium. All the sights i had to remove dead leaves have new growth and all the top leaves are a nice deep dark green again. I am still having slight heat issues now, it stays at 80 degrees all day and drops only to 77 degrees at night. Im not sure if its my fan, its an 80cfm fan for a 32 cubic foot tent, but i ordered a 250 cfm fan to be safe. Also have a carbon filter coming for them, they are starting to stink up my upstairs, even though its comforting walking up and being slapped by a slightly sour aroma.

    My question though, does it really matter how long i stay in veg? (im running 24/0 right now) cause i want to give the lower node locations time to develop before i go flower. also, when do i add my screen? i know its when the first plant hits your desired height, but does that mean i have to switch to flower or can i do it in veg to allow more time to fill up the screen?
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    wow what can happen in five days...

    My carbon filter finally came in, i know its suppose to be mounted high, but its kinda hard to do that right now.

    There were 3 girls discovered yesterday, and with the 4th being discovered this morning, that leaves only 2 left who havnt shown sex. I also discovered what i think is a male (where the other 3 had pistols with little white hairs coming out this one had what looked like little nuts growing) so i separated him and am going to use him to practice FIM. That makes of the 7 seeds, 4 are female and 1 male, not a bad ratio so far for bag seeds. here is a pic of the girls. one wasn't in a 5gal pot yet and the other is just out of frame to the left.

    I also started LST when i repotted them. all three are bent over as far as i could bend them without feeling bad.

    So things are looking up. The girls are in 5 gal pots now, with FFOF soil. we are close to 6 weeks of veg, and i think im going to go a week or two longer so i can LST them around the pot some more. lots of new growth from the places i lost leaves, and they have already bent back towards the light over night, should have room to do a second bend by the next time i water them. be easy GC
  12. AWESOME! Great job taking care of the nutrient and pH issues.
    Your diligence and caring has benefited you.

    Love the set up. I will follow your progress, there are many things I need to get, so I have similar issues that you are actually taking care of. Like, the carbon filter, better fan, tent...
    I actually keep trying different mediums, so getting nutrients and pH down has been an issue for me.

  13. yea it took me awhile to get the girls fully recovered and im surprised i was able to get them back to such good health, considering this is my first time growing ANYTHING let alone cannabis. The carbon filter was a good pick up for me, helps reduce the smell from the girls. but i think im going to move it into where ever i dry if they do stink as bad as your crop did according to your blog, cant have the whole house bang of sour d nugs lol.

    I was using a neutral 7ph for a while, then i read i should have it around 6-6.5 so i dropped to a safe 6.2

    i need to find good nutrients soon because the FFOF says its good for a month before nutrients so...

    here is a landscape shot of the whole grow for ya...

  14. fuck almost forgot, is there a reason i don't see you doing the LST thing? i saw that you had long sticks for support, but all just one cola per plant. is there a reason for that or is it just personal preference?
  15. RE: LST, I just haven't got there yet. I have been topping and staking branches, and getting some huge colas.
    I do have 4 babies in coco coir that, and want to try it.
    Mainly I haven't gone there because I just want to grow a great batch that I can truly salivate over, then I can take more steps like LST.

    So fare I have harvested one soil batch. My friends thought is was good but I was not happy. Soon my deep water culture batch will be harvested. Then another two soil babies after that the 4 coco babies go in.

    I have been using Fox Farm Nutes. The dude at the hydro store told me to switch up to Botanacare in the future. I will take his advice and try it when I run out of the Fox farm.


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    Put your lights closer, they're stretching. Edit: Just realized the last picture.. My bad, I'm high. But you should cover those stems ups some with some soil.
  17. i have been debating on whether or not to go hydro sooner rather than later. i have a few bags of potting soil left so i might go one more soil before i do.

    I will look into those nutes, thanks for the heads up. and i feel you on the LST thing. i am trying to maximize this first harvest to raise some capital so i figured i should try it and see what happens. good thing with doing LST, is you can get some great lookin clones pretty easy.
  18. yea they streched pretty bad in the first few weeks they were growing, kinda worked out a little, cause of the dead leaves and LST, gives me a good patch for new growth to come in without combating big fan leaves for light.

    what do you mean cover them up more? like make the soil level higher on the stem? i can always give it a try.
  19. so i did my 2nd point of LST last night and waited to take pictures until today. here they are...


    then these are from today, 13 hours after tieing them down


    Next weekend we are looking to go to flower, im waiting to give time for the shoots to form that i am going to cut for clones. i want to have a perpetual harvest and this is the best way i have read to do it so i guess i will try.

    if anyone knows, can you cut clones and put them straight to dirt? or do i need to put them in rockwool or something like that before dirt. i use FFOF soil in case that makes a difference.
  20. I have seen clones rooted in coco with cloning gel, but not directly in soil.

    Mostly I have started clones in just a cup of water. More recently I have started using cloning gel and little rock-wool cubes.

    Excellent job with the LST. You will have a nice healthy harvest.


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