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My first rolled Blunt

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WhiteShaggy, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Hey GC, I'm new to the city. :wave: I figured i'd show you my first rolled blunt. I used a Grape mini for my first roll.

    I know the picture/blunt aren't that great but i'm new to both. For reference, its a bit bigger than a normal BIC lighter.

  2. enjoy the smoke, that doesn't look bad at all!
  3. good shit. wish i was there to smoke it with you though:)
  4. haha im 18 on wednesday and gunna but a blunt and roll my first blunt on wednesday. hopefully i do it ok haha
  5. enjoy the banhammer my friend, sign back upp once you are 18

  6. LOL yeah three day ban they probably wont catch it till tmrw

    and yeah thats pretty nice OP .

    nothing wrong from what i see...just a little dent where there probably wasnt as much bud...but thats not important imo

    enjoy the toke
  7. haha at least he's honest haha. Happy brthday man
  8. nice blunt. i jus rolled my 2nd blunt friday night haha. and ouch damn man way to rat yourself out hahaha

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