My first roll=Amazing!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by chase_d, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Ya last night i ate 2 rolls, green pyramid, and a red one with a star on one side and apple on other, that was the better one. I swallowed them at like 10:15 and didnt start feeling anything till about 11:30. it was like ZANG! everything was so incredible, no matter where i was sitting i was so comfortable i didnt want to move. I just kept playin with my hair and rubbing my face. played beer pong, and just enjoyed the roll. such an amazing drug E is. i am most def doing it again. next time with people that are rolling with me, this one bitch was cool, she kept rubbing my leg n shit, everything felt so amazing.

    but this morning i puked my guts out, and im still feeling really weird now 15 hrs later. almost sick, but my body still felt like i was rolling all this morning after i woke up, i didnt sleep much maybe 4 hrs?. last night when i was peaking my body felt reall warm & tingly, and i would sweat, then get reall cool. i was doing that all this morning, still am now even. kinda time for this shit to leave my body. but overall idk why everyone isnt rolling all the time! so amazing, do NOT pass up a chance to roll. just wanted to share my experience with the City. how was everyone elses roll, if u tried it before.
  2. E is awesome, I have rolled many a time, but mainly I roll at raves. Sounds like you had fun. I would love to play beer pong rolling, not to drink, but just try and play lol. My favorite way to roll is to candyflip. LSD first, then 4 hours later...pills! haha. Try and keep your rolling down to less than once a month and save the magic. I have been doing it for over a year and I still have the magic. but I don't roll much.
  3. ooh man... candyflip... makes me excited just thinking about it.

    Thats crazy tho you popped 3 ills your first time... I did 1 my first time and that was enough.
  4. roll at a me raves have everything anyone on E could ever want.
  5. wanna know why ppl dont do it all the time? because it destroys your brain. have fun being a retard in a few years bro.

    id stick with the green if i were you, but its your body.
  6. candyflip is the best!!!! give me a dose and 2 rolls and i'm a happy camper :hello:
  7. I'm gonna get some rolls soon :D two will do it for me, I'm going to parachute one wait a bit and then just take the other one normally. you have balls taking three your first time, that was a bad idea. you shouldn't have taken them all together either but i guess it's too late now haha.
  8. Kinda sounds like you like it too much. E will fuck you up. Dont overuse it
  9. he only ate 2... not 3...
  10. fuck yea your first roll is always the best. i will always remember my first time. perfect setting. lots of trip heads and good music. there was this one chick i swear she was like 4'5 tall she was 19 but fuckin tiny...trip out... homegirl busted a robot dance when i was at my peak...they dimmed the lights and she had two ciggs in her hands busting some crazy moves leaving cherry trails in the air...good times.

  11. From friends who have experienced its impossible to not to like to roll on E, sure it would be fun just not a pill guy, what can i say.

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