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My first rice crispy treat Edible

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PoliceToker, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. My friend from California just gave me a rice crispy 30 pebbles edible. He brought it back for Christmas as he is visiting. I just ate half on empty stomach. My streak of edibles not working, I hope is over.

    Wish me luck, I will let you know how its working in a hour or so.
  2. Good luck! I, myself, haven't had luck with edibles. Even medical edibles! :(
  3. I hope that's not me as well. I tried make brownies, and firecrackers many times. First medical one.
  4. Edibles seem to hate me too. :(
  5. Hour in. Nothing yet.
  6. Eat an hour before ingesting edible to help the thc break down in you....... well next time
  7. Haha next time for sure. Still 2hrs. Nothing.
  8. I hope you didn't eat it right after/before a meal.

    Don't give up just yet by the way. I once at an edible that took 4 hours to hit me
  9. Still waiting. I finished the entire thing.
  10. well that sucks... I know being deficient in Omega-3 affects your cannabinoid receptors, thus affecting how edibles would affect you. You should try taking supplements or eating foods rich in omega-3.
  11. good edibles always get me incredibly stoned, though i swear sometimes i'll make a great batch of brownies, try making it the same exact way a few weeks later and not getting stoned.
  12. Nothing happened. I ate entire thing. Maybe another time.
  13. Did you fall asleep? I find edibles best during the day or else I sleep the majority of them off. I stopped night time edibles just because I was missing out. I had several times that I thought I had messed up a batch B's went to bed two hours or more later pissed off or with a very minor buzz. Well one day I had to go to work after eating something that I thought had flopped at 9;30 the night before. I was just ripped at 6:00am, could hardly walk, shirt on inside out, had to hold onto the moving cubicle walls to make it to my cube. It was then that I stopped night time edibles. And have since found that sometimes they take a long time to really kick in and they build for a long time. Edibles at night are a waste of weed in my opinion, unless you just need a good nights sleep.
  14. LMFAO!! Love it

    No I was awake. I'm not heavy set guy. New toker. Maybe next time.
  15. That happened to me before. Ate 1 but didnt feel it, so I ate another and still nothing -_- I woke up in the middle of the night starving though lol
  16. It was for a weekend with friends at a cabin. I made brownies and butter and had leftover butter so I made some pot corn with the leftovers. I totally thought the brownies were a flop. No idea what I did at work that day still. I car pool with a guy for 1 hr if my ride each way. I just tried not to talk. It was 7:am and I was bombed.

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