My first real indoor setup!

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  1. I finaly got my light last week(400watt HPS), set up the closet(needs more work) and am currenly germanating 13 seeds,7 from some beautiful bag seed,6 from nice stoney mids. i will be planting in soil and would like to go all organic,we'll see about nutes.
    I here Foxfarm are great for soil.
    the room seems to stay between 69-80 deg F. more vetalation is needed.
    All in all i'm very happy to now be on my way to self is good!:hello:
    will post soon with pics!
  2. Its been 2 days now i realize it gets warmer than i thought ,up to i instaled an inline fan and a ocilating for cirrculation.Now it stays between 80 and 87 much better but needs work.
    i planted the seeds that were germanated, so far i see about 8 little babys,ahh my babys! Ive only got a 400w HPS so im diffusing the light w/ suspended white trash bags, seems to work, as well as keep in some humidity. I dont think ill give nutes untill about 2-3 weeks.
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    hey man your grow sounds awesome but you gotta post up some pictures of what your doing. Keep up the post though lookin forward to so how your girls turn out!!!!!:D
  4. Thanks "fargo" ill definitaly post some pics as soon as they are a little bigger(barely sprouts) as my camera is kind of low res. How ever they are coming up, I believe all 13 seeds. and look very happy, probably as happy as me!
  5. The big one is from last year just before flower, the rest are current about 7 days in the dirt. i will probobaly stop diffusing the light tomorow,but well see. The room stayes between 86&91 w/ light on and 79&86 w/off. Hope you enjoy any comments would be appreciated!

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  6. any body got info on organic compost teas?:confused:
  7. Seedlings less than 1 month old nutrient tea mix-
    5 TBS. Black Strap Molasses
    1-cup earthworm castings/5 gallons of water every 3rd watering

    Vegetative mix-
    1/3 cup Peruvian Seabird Guano (PSG)
    1/3 cup High N Bat Guano (Mexican)
    1/3 cup Earth Worm Castings (EWC)
    5 TBS. Maxi-crop 1-0-4 powdered kelp extract
    5 TBS. Liquid Karma (optional)
    5 TBS. Black Strap Molasses
    @ 1-cup mix/5 gallons of water every 3rd watering.

    Flowering nutrient tea mix:
    2/3 cup Peruvian Seabird Guano
    2/3 cup Earth Worm Castings
    2/3 cup High P Guano (Indonesian or Jamaican)
    5 TBS. Maxi-crop 1-0-4 powdered kelp extract or Liquid
    5 TBS. Black Strap Molasses

    Dilute as needed. Generally, 2 to 3 cups per 5 gallons of water @ every watering.

    originaly posted on anoter site by another person i wanted to know where to find it.
  8. i just bought some organic fertilizer with an n/p/k of 5/3/3 i will be making teas later on with blood meal for veg. and bone meal for flower, however i still need any info any one is able to give me on organics and teas! Please.:cool:
  9. Well all my babys are getting or allready have there first real set of leaves and are about 1.5 - 2.5 " tall. ill top off with some soil and organic feed wich consists of,manuer, blood and bone meals, kelp, and a bunch of other good shit i dont remember off hand. the brand name is Plant-Tone. anyone ever try? Anyhow its certified organic, its cheap, and its got most everything i was recamended to make it(a fertalizer) out of. Hope it works! Ill post new pics next week.:smoking:
  10. this is just me, but i would move them into their own pots as soon as you get the chance. and it did look like they were stretching, but again ive never grown with and HPS. good luck with the grow. keep me updated
  11. I agree seperate pots would be ideal, how ever im dealing with limited space and buckets, and i figure out of my 12 seedlings, maybe half are male(?) and some will be culled, i hope to get atleast 2 choice mothers and ill try the s.o.g. method, as i am a medicinal ucer and this is optimal for me. About the streaching i agree but i think i didnt sow the seeds deep enough(?),either way when i added the organics+soil today i raised the level some and they look healthy. So well see thanksfor the tips, still pretty fresh. I need all the help i can get. what do you use for lights? strain rec.?
  12. i bought a set of about 15 peat pots from ace hardware for like 3 bucks to start my plants out if youre looking for a cheap alternative that will still allow for individual root development. but even if you plan on killin a few, you still might have root entanglement problems. i myself am a new grower and am still learning every day, but ill help however i can. im currently running three different kinds of bagseed, just germinated another 5 and planted them today. and im running two sets of 4' flouros. one set of 2 GE f48/25w ecolux soft white lights, and the other set are 2 GE f40PL/AQ lights. just a basic first set up, but seems to be doing well other than my miracle grow(fried a couple of my plants) anyway, keep up the good work man, keep the advice from one noob to another goin:smoking:
  13. Its been ten days since i planted and i think thw look pretty good. Some are growing faster than others, mids are about to take off ,bbs and bbs2 slow yo start but are almost caught up. A couple runts but what ever.
    As for these"root entanglement problems" ive never heard of such "problems". however should they all end up nice fems.i will repot or put in the earth. Though this is only my third season,and first time indoors, ive been researching for a number of years.
    i appreciate any advice and will keep you posted.
  14. ive got my light(400 watt HPS) about three feet from my ten day old seedlings,ill move it closer but how close? i dont want to cook my lovely ladys,being optomistic, and i dont want to waste light.
    Its just that my room is allready so warm, 81-93 F., i dunno i think i need a better inline fan this one is 250 cfm i belive, but just doesnt feel strong enough.
    im using a box fan for intake untill i can upgrade, it works pretty well for circulation too.
  15. these are some pics of the room and my babys!
    In a couple ofmonths iplan to turn this room into a mother and clone room w/ shelves and cfls so i can complete my dream of growing pot in as many places as possible,i.e. state, county, and national parks. i plan on harvesting over a hundred females this year! :devious:Go big or go home i guess.
    Fuck em, im a get mine you better get yours. peace:metal:

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  16. actually they look healthy and green to me, and not really strecthed, so keep up the good work. damn 100 females is a lot haha. keep it up man, and keep me updated on these little girls, ill be watchin
  17. Yea a hundred may be a dream, but a guys gotta dream.
    Any how i feel like i need to vent lately, or at least make a couple things clear as of reacently.... some of these things are as follow... First and formost everyone needs to be a little nicer to everyone every day. It'll work better for everyone. And a very close second is please no more use of the word or phrase, whatever,"NOOB".
    That word is a "four letter word".
    third the "man" is winning. we are all losing, but the "man" seams to be losing less.
    we have got to come together in any and every way to get this plant legalized! thanks peace
  18. true that man. nothin more for me to say that hasnt already been said
  19. I was recently laid off and am conclusivly going to have to move out of the house i am currently in. Which is fine but i just set up my room, and my babys are only two weeks old. I have to be out of my house at the end of the month. The babys will be 38 days since germ., about 35 days since sprout. I live in southern Mich. and want to put them out doors so i can come back in fall and harvest. Ive been ploting land for about a year and have some spots nobody would ever find. My problem is the weather in Mich. is so unpredictable, ive seen snow into May!! Is this year going to be different? Are the ganga gods looking over me? Have i been nice enough to have great karma? Or are my plants going to freeze, be eatin by deer, rabits, moles, or any other verment? FUCK!?! :mad:Oh well ill just keep them as healthy as possible for the next three weeks, hopefully they take off. They do look pretty healthy. The next weeks are crucial.
  20. My ph is too high. i have a cheap 3 in 1 light, ph, and moisture meter. it says my ph is at between 7.0 and 8.0. yikes any help lowering it would be lovley:confused:.

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